Other players

•Players will treat each other with dignity and respect at all times. Please ensure all interactions out of game are positive, peaceful and if there is criticism, it is constructive. Any threatening, insulting and belittling behaviour towards a fellow crew member will not be tolerated and may result in disciplinary action.

In game, conflict is welcomed. Stories do get boring all if everyone is happy all the time. Please ensure though that you touch base with the other writers and nobody takes anything written in game personally upsetting someone out of game.

Applications and biographies

•Biographies must be fully filled in and the players original work. They must also abide by the Obsidian fleets rules on character creation:

There can be no:
Non Humanoid races (Big rock creatures, Tribbles, etc)
Omnipotent beings (Q, Douwd, etc)
Jem-Hader still in the Dominion
Vorta still in the Dominion
Species 8472
Augments, Angosians and similar genetically engineered races can only be characters on non-Starfleet sims (Civilian, alien, etc)
Races from non-Star Trek continuities


•New players will be required to post something, whether it be a log or regular post, within their first week. A full week's grace period will be granted following that, and finally, removal from the sim if no posts are made.

•All players must be over the age of 13 to join the USS Andromeda. Posts may not contain extreme violence or sexual content. If anyone is in doubt of content being PG13 friendly please discuss with the command crew.

•Players are expected to post a minimum of 2 posts per month.

Following fleet rule changes, a single 'post' is considered to be 500 words (excluding OOC notes).

While not every post is required to meet this minimum length, players are expected to contribute a minimum of 1000 words of content each month.

This can be split over multiple entries, though it is recommended that a substantial portion comes from one or two entries rather than several; we prefer quality over quantity in this regard.

•Tags must be answered ideally within 48 hours but we do understand that real life can get in the way. If you know you will not be able to tag in please shoot the other players in your joint post a quick personal message. There is a Tag your it and LOA channel in the USS Andromeda’s discord which can also be used to communicate.

•No player may write actions or dialog for another player unless permission is given by that player

•No player may sign off on a joint post for another player again unless permission is given by that player. However in certain circumstances the command staff may do so to forward the game i.e. if crew are on LOA or crew leave.

•Whereas we actively encourage crew to engage in fun and filling joint posts - If a post is too long you can lose the reader! If joint posts go over 1000 words, please split them up into additional posts or parts.

Leave of Absence

•If you are going to be away longer for anytime up to a fortnight please put through a LOA via the simm or in the LOA discord channel.

•Equally if you are going to be away for longer than a fortnight please inform the command staff so an extended LOA can be logged.

•Please make an effort to finish up any joint posts if you have LOA’s coming up so that others players can continue to move the mission and their personal plots forward.

•Absent Without Leave (AWOL) - Not being in contact and not logging into the site for 14 days or more without requesting LOA or ELOA. Can result in instant removal or a strike (strikes will be issued weekly from then on in until return to the SS Mary Rose)

Important – The rules will be reviewed and modified by the Command staff if and when required within the best interests of the simulation