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Captain Jonathan Reynolds

Name Jonathan Graham Reynolds

Position Commanding Officer

Rank Captain

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Half Betazoid
Age 35

Physical Appearance

Height 6'2'
Weight 200lb
Hair Color Short, light brown
Eye Color Green with dark black betazoid iris
Physical Description John looks very human, most people are not aware he is part Betazoid and can read emotions and engage in some telepathy with other species. He has toned arms from boxing and works out to keep his muscle


Spouse Divorced
Children Edward “Eddie” Reynolds – Son with ex-wife
Cassandra “Cassie” Reynolds – Daughter with Sydney Potts. Only found out about her existence in the last 2 years
Father Edward Reynolds - deceased
Mother Lorena Reynolds
Brother(s) Liam Owen Reynolds (non identical twin) – Currently stationed as Chief Counselor on the USS Nogura
Declan (Half brother) currently residing in a mental health institute on Earth
Sister(s) Hannah Louise Reynolds, Teena and Kestra Otrei – half sisters from his mothers second marriage
Other Family Charlotte Reynolds – Ex Wife

Personality & Traits

General Overview Jon is the firstborn of twins in one of the oldest houses of Betazed. Hes the less sensitive and naughter one of the two brothers. To the point where he has on occasion made stupid decisions and got himself in trouble. Hes excelled in his career to date by a mix of hard work and sheer dumb luck. And intends to keep climbing and reaching for the stars.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths

+ Intelligence
+ Strength (physical)
+ Quick thinking
+ Good working with deadlines.

-Can act impulsively at times.
-Impatient at times but has learnt to try reign that in
Ambitions Professional – To make admiral by 45, to captain a vessel to the best of his ability

Personal – Connect with his newly discovered daughter and work on his relationship with his son and brothers
Hobbies & Interests Boxing
Outdoors activities
Rock climbing

Personal History John was born to his Betazed mother and Human father in Yorkshire, England. He and his brother Liam lived there until they were 12 and their parents decided to move to Betazed for their mother to take a job and spend more time with their Betazed grandparents. There Betazoid gifts were just emerging when they made the move and it took him time to settle down and embrace the culture and peoples gifts.

John took to it like a duck to water. Liam struggled, became a bit of a rebellious terror. John watched several times as his twin was hauled back for sneaking out, partying and general mischief and developed a respect for security. Liam eventually meeting a counsellor calmed down. Both brothers dreamed of going to the stars and both enrolled in Star fleet.

John met Charlotte whilst at the academy, a pretty local girl they had some dates and they had to get married when they got pregnant. It wouldn’t do for a son of the 11th House to have a child out of wedlock so a lot of pressure was put on them via his mother.

John freely admits now that he married far too young and for the wrong reasons. He was not ready to be a husband and did a terrible job of it. He had an affair early into their marriage whilst still on Earth at the academy with a fellow cadet and then a few of years later slept with his twins fiancé Sydney Potts. Sydney panicked realising she had fallen out of love with Liam and in love with John and ran. She kept her pregnancy from him and disappeared off the map until a couple of years ago when a chance meeting on shore leave blew his life away to discover his other child.

Charlotte promptly divorced him and his brother also struggling to come to terms with being kidnapped and taken to the MU refused to speak to him for 6 months. In Johns life that felt like an eternity and he pulled out all the stops to try to mend things.

John Reynolds has always been a bit of a lucky bugger. He had a few decent breaks and was able to learn and watch. A big one being he was one of a group of security officers on the USS Venture his second tour who prevented a serious of bombings at a diplomatic summit on Rajor 5, and they apprehended the extremist cell. This led to a fast promotion to Lieutenant and impressed his current deputy chief who took him under his wing and decided to mentor him. When he decided to retire John was promoted to his position and the Chief coming to rely on him encouraged him to go for a chief position of his own.

Also added with his brothers understanding of personalities and psychology he was able to spot his XO on his third posting had an addictive personality and alcohol abuse issues. John discreetly helped the man try to manage these although it became apparent that more professional help was required and he decided for his health to relocate back to earth. In return for looking out for him, he recommended John as XO to the Captain. He made Commander at 31. John wanted to do it before 30 so that grates at him. Consequently hes set 35 for Captain and 45 for Admiral in his head.

When the CO posting on the USS Andromeda came up John nearing his 35 birthday went for it.
Service Record USS Lexington as a Ensign.

USS Venture (Deep Space Vessel) posting came up and John applied out of adventure.

Promoted to Assistant chief of security after Rajor 5 Diplomatic incidents

USS Santiago - Went for Chief of security position and was successful
Promoted to Commander rank and became XO

USS Andromeda - Captain