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Lieutenant Commander Aidan Datari

Name Aidan Datari

Position Chief Science Officer

Second Position Second Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Trill (unjoined)
Age 26

Physical Appearance

Height 5'9"
Weight 64kg
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Chocolate Brown
Physical Description Quite youthful looking, creamy/light tan skin-tone with chesnut/dark brown spots running down either side of his face, all the way down his body to his feet. (generally obscured by clothing).

He wears his hair a little longer than is usual for a man, giving him a little bit of a scruffy/rascal like appearance. However while he's on duty he makes sure that despite the ruffled look, he still looks professional.

Blushes easily, especially when paid a compliment or when he feels his own questions are silly.

Has a fading scar running down from his right shoulder blade across his back down to the left side of the small of his back. He has undergone treatment to have it mostly removed. Further treatment necessary for complete removal though he is considering a tattoo to cover the remainder of the scar.


Spouse Emmony Safford
Children Daughter: Saeri Maralah (born 2396)
Father Aeran Datari (deceased), Thelev Zensev (foster-)
Mother Loni Datari (deceased)
Brother(s) K'Tox (Reman, adopted)
Sister(s) Saeri Datari (deceased)
Other Family Considers the Zensev family his own since he's been living with them since he was ten years old. He was, however, never formally adopted. He was raised by Thelev Ch'Zensev, alongside his daughter Kesha.

Captain K'Tox (surrogate/adopted brother)

Through a complicated family construction with Captain K'Tox, is somehow considered an uncle to Admiral James Hurin (even though he's several years younger than the admiral)

Past relationships:
- Admiral Myrkul Sharr (deceased)
- Doctor Kes Hrae (deceased)
- Lieutenant Tal'jan Mirok (mutual separation)
- Captain Tobias Moreau (separation due to partner cheating)
- Ensign Chase Taylor (drifted apart)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Aidan originally started out as the personal assistant of Doctor Kesha Andier, interpreting for her whenever she is in conversation with anyone. He sees to it that information reaches her because she is deaf. He has been her PA ever since graduating High School, though he has known her since he was a little boy.

His flighty, shy and jumpy appearance while in part true to his nature is also in part a deception. He is highly trained in several martial arts, same as his companion as they were trained together, and as always he's quite ready to defend.

Doesn't speak much, appearing to be silent and is often presumed to be deaf. This is quite to the contrary, Aidan's hearing is excellent. He's used to being ignored, and is startled when addressed. Often, he might not even realise he is being addressed, blindly interpreting the words to his companion, before realising the words were addressed to him. Over the years he has become more perceptive to his own needs though and thus is more forthcoming and less silent.

In 2387, while on shoreleave, he wandered onto the USS Ragnarök, as commanded by Captain Sharr and met said captain. During a tour of the ship, the captain gifted him two very precious and rare swords, each valued at a worth of approximately 1.2 million bars of gold pressed latinum.

After speaking to his foster sister at length, Kesha encouraged him to follow his own path, ensuring him that it was quite all right to go live his own life. Having an undefined fascination for Captain Sharr, Aidan applied for a position aboard the USS Ragnarök, however before he could be reassigned, he was attacked and severely injured. After his recovery, he reported to the ship for his new assignment.

Since then Aidan has come a long way in terms of development, his training and personal development greatly encouraged by Admiral Sharr and Captain K'Tox, both of whom are very close and valued friends.

Though often not aware of doing it, Aidan nearly always supports his speech with sign language. This is purely habitual behaviour due to having grown up with someone deaf. He will cease doing it if it's pointed out.

Aidan has a strong fear of being joined (due to an event as a young teenager), and thus has a note in his medical records that under no circumstance is he to be joined with a symbiont. Not even if it's temporary.
Strengths & Weaknesses strength: extremely loyal, good judge of character, language, excellent hearing/sense of perception

weakness: his youth mostly, his adopted family, extremely shy, heights, sometimes a little overconfident in his combat abilities

Aidan has shown a past tendency to display jealous behaviour without really understanding why or what for. He is extremely protective of his foster sister Kesha Andier, up to the point of being possessive protective, until she tells him off. He is also very protective of those he has deep feelings for, be that just a friend, or a partner.

He bruises very easily, he can just go and sport a few bruises anywhere on his body, without really knowing or remembering how he got them.

Allergic to tri-ox (allergy discovered during mission on Karemma with the USS Gemini)

Was briefly joined to an extremely young symbiont when he was fifteen; he had been abducted by smugglers and had been joined against his will. This left both him and the symbiont extremely traumatized and the memory was blocked for a few years. This has left Aidan with a fear of being joined.

Does not take well to hot environments.
Ambitions Become a professional interpreter, not only in sign language but other languages as well. He hates using a universal translator, preferring to learn the actual language the hard way. In his free time, Aidan studies any language he can get his hands on, also in the hopes of improving any diplomatic relations by addressing 'foreign' diplomats in their native language.

Aside from his ambition he just strives to be the best officer he can be, and never let his CO down.
Hobbies & Interests His pet Firelizard Sherlock. Sherlock is a small, male, dragonlike creature of approximately 2.5ft in length and a wingspan of 4ft. He is emerald blue in colour. His eyes change colour depending on his mood/emotional state:
blue/green - comfortable, at rest
orange - agitated
red - alarmed
white - danger

Sherlock is telepathically bonded to Aidan since his hatching in 2388

Language holds Aidan's main interest and if he's not on duty he may often be found in one lab or another, researching language. Besides that, the young Trill actually loves to go skiiing on a holodeck (just not down-hill), but loathes beach programs. Aside from that, though he's reasonably secretive about this, Aidan is also a very skilled figure skater. He keeps this hobby to keep himself fit and agile, which works well given his training in dual-handed swordfighting.

His other hobby consists of sword fighting. He owns an old Andorian sword which was gifted to him by his foster father, as well as two ancient Mayan swords that were gifted to him by his ex-partner Myrkul Sharr. The swords have special abilities that are dangerous, but so far Aidan has only had to use them once. He will not use them in training, and rarely in actual combat. He mostly keeps them for display purposes and trains with replicas.

Personal History Aidan is the only son of Aeran and Loni Datari and was born on the Trill homeworld in 2370. Five years after his birth, his sister Saeri was born. Young Aidan enjoyed quite a happy childhood, attending local primary schools wherever his parents settled down. Often he followed a young Andorian girl around, having noticed that her peers were giving her difficulty. As such, he was since then often found in the girl's company, something his parents happily approved of.

From age five to ten, Aidan and his sister often spent time with the Zh'Zensev family, which more or less only consisted of the general and his daughter since the girl's mother was next to never there. By the time he was seven years old, he was already fluent in gestural language as well as the most common of Andorian dialects.

One day, left alone with Kesha Zh'Zensev in her father's home, the two children heard a very loud explosion next door, over where his own parents' house was now built. Wailing sirens alerted them to the greatest tragedy Aidan had ever known in his young life.

The explosion, caused by a malfunctioning gas-line in the family kitchen, had cost the lives of both his parents and his young sister. Marked by such tragedy, the child turned in on himself and became very quiet and isolated to the world. He never spoke until spoken to and while continuing to interpret for his closest and dearest friend, he never sought out any specialized education for himself.

He followed General Zh'Zensev's instructions where defensive combat was concerned to the letter, and thrived as a combatant and later on as a teenager, but he never recovered from the tragedy and remained quiet and shy. Obviously, he adores his foster father, for the family never formally adopted him, and is quite grateful for having found a home with them. As such he takes great care to uphold the family honour and traditions, and will never speak ill of the man who took him in.

As a young teenager, at age fifteen he became Kesha's official interpreter and followed her to Earth when she went to Starfleet Medical school. While never having entered the academy himself he is quite knowledgeable on many medical aspects, having eagerly sat in on the courses while interpreting for his friend.

He was there, when Kesha was given her symbiont and he doesn't care at all that he might've been a more suitable candidate. He had never trained to be joined, and was in fact far too young to be joined as - much to his relief - Starfleet Medical concluded. He followed her to the USS Republic where she's assigned as Chief Medical Officer, but was quickly persuaded into following his own path. Aidan did so by signing on to the USS Ragnarök, first as bridge assistant and after several days being reassigned to captain's yeoman.

Aidan's original, quickly formed friendship with Captain Myrkul Sharr, equally quickly evolved into a steady relationship, even though Aidan spent several days struggling with his feelings, not knowing at all what they meant. Many of his free evenings are spent in the captain's company.

In 2388, while on shoreleave on SB47, Aidan suddenly found himself in possession of a hatching egg, from which a blue dragon-like creature emerged. The creature, later known as a firelizard, is telepathically connected to him. Due to the creature's shy nature, he called it Sherlock.

The following weeks were trying for the young Trill, after Myrkul went away on an away mission without saying goodbye. The worst part for him was when Myrkul came back and made no effort towards greeting him or allowing him close. It were the small things that ultimately made him notice that Myrkul wasn't 'his' Myrkul and in the end he had to resort to turning to the one person he had hated ever since the man stepped foot on the ship: Cyi. However, Aidan was reunited with his beloved El-Aurian in the end, though he wasn't the man Aidan had known. There were a few distinct changes, most notably the extension of family. Now Aidan needs to determine whether he wants to be a father, and how exactly he's going to do that as he himself is still very young.

Aside from the decisions to be made concerning his private life, Aidan is also faced with a multitude of opportunities in regards to his future in Starfleet. At the moment he has opted to learn how to pilot the Ragnarök, while attending sessions with one of the Reman lead guards on how to shield his mind and develop his own empathic skills.

During the period where he was led to believe that Sharr was dead, Aidan had vivid dreams about having been joined when he was fifteen years old. With Xermes' assistance it was discovered that these were in fact real memories and not dreams. He has no idea why these memories had been blocked and he doesn't know why all of a sudden he does remember. He has, however, no clue what came of the young symbiont he'd been joined with for nearly 2 days.

With the commisioning of the USS Elysium, Aidan was transferred over and took up position as linguist, which came with a promotion to petty officer third class. His quarters are on deck 22, section B, cabin number 34.

He was reunited with Myrkul Sharr a day or two prior to the new ship's launch, however their relationship as it once was, is now over. The two are still close friends, however and Aidan won't deny he still harbours strong feelings for the man.

In 2390, Aidan got romantically involved with Chief Medical Officer Kes Hrae, whom he bonded during a horrendous adventure involving the Q. Unfortunately, that same year, Kes was killed, officially making young Aidan a widower. Aidan grieved for several months, during which he knew ups and downs and in the first few weeks after Kes's death had a strong desire to die himself. Fortunately, thanks to the strong support and understanding of his friends, he grew past that desire however two months after Kes's death he did make an attempt to take his own life.

Now, Aidan tries to pick up his life, and gradually transitions back to the happy young man he used to be. Still, Kes's death leaves a void in his mind he is unable to fill. He is romantically involved with fellow officer Tal'jan Mirok, a young Romulan science officer who he has madly fallen in love with.

During a mission on Karemma, it was discovered that Aidan is allergic to tri-ox.

Broke up with Tal'jan as Tal was reassigned to a two-year scientific expedition. Unable to continue on the ship he served with excellence, Aidan sought to transfer from the ship that left him with a bad taste in his mouth. He went back to the academy for several months to take courses in diplomacy, then reassigned to the USS Nightingale as chief diplomatic officer, knowing that his medical, and intelligence training could be of use.

After a brief tenure on the Nightingale, Aidan was recalled, and reassigned to the USS Crown, where he was thought to be of better use.

He spent several months on the USS Crown, where he met and instantly fell in love with counsellor Moreau. He joined Moreau on a trip home to the Trill homeworld to help him settle with his symbiont. Spent a year back on earth to extend his diplomatic training before finally re-joining his beloved on Starbase Obsidian. He did not know Moreau was assigned to OCMD prior to his arrival, so he was utterly surprised to see him.

The reunion however was short lived as Aidan discovered he was being cheated on. Too angry to even try to reconcile, the young Trill applied for, and received a transfer back to Obsidian Fleet, and was quickly assigned to the USS Archimedes and going back to his primary love: language.

Finally finding some happiness on the Archimedes it seemed short lived as due to the effects of a nebula, Aidan has killed the then first officer, Commander Aaron Marcus. The commander however had assaulted his wife, and then Aidan and the action was ruled during a court martial as being self defense and charges were dropped. Instead, he was promoted to lieutenant commander and appointed chief science officer after his predecessor was promoted to first officer.

Over the course of several months, Aidan started dating Nurse Chase Taylor.

While investigating the USS Potemkin, Aidan was -prior to arrival at the ship- accidentally infected with nanites, whichallowed the ship's AI to take control over his mind and body. Under the AI's influence, Aidan was forced to kill several crewmembers and gravely injured one of his best friends. He even injured his own beloved pet dragon Sherlock, which caused him more grief than any of his other actions.

Due to this he developed a fear for anything to do with nanites and is now transferring away from the Archimedes to find a new start away from all the trauma he suffered while infected. As such, he is also seeking to have his nano-sword disabled.

Late 2395, Aidan was reunited with his best friend Emmony Safford. After an adventure in a malfunctioning holodeck, he proposed to her, realizing he really loved her and could no longer live without her. They were married several weeks later.

With the CO of the USS Rhea stripped of his command, Aidan transferred to the USS Andromeda. Due to hishaps on his very first team lead away mission as science chief, he was demoted back to lieutenant.

In 2396, Aidan became a father for the first time, when his daughter Saeri Maralah was born after an emergency transport. He and his wife Emmony decided to name the baby girl after both their sisters.
Service Record 2387 - Assigned to USS Republic as Doctor Andier's assistant
2388 - Transferred to USS Ragnarök as Bridge Assistant/Aide
2388 - Reassigned as Captain's Yeoman
2389 - Reassigned to USS Elysium, linguist
2390 - Completed Starfleet academy, promoted to Ensign, reassigned as Chief Communications Officer, USS Elysium
2390 - Transferred to USS Gemini, Communications Officer
2391 - Reassigned to Chief Intelligence Officer, promoted to Lieutenant j.g.
2391/2 - Returned to Starfleet Academy for additional courses in diplomacy
2392 - Transferred to USS Nightingale, Chief Diplomatic Officer
2392/8 - Reassigned to USS Crown, Language Specialist
2393/12 - Reassigned to Obsidian Command/Deep Space 13, Chief Diplomatic Officer
2394/12 - Transferred to USS Archimedes, Chief Linguistics Officer
2395 - Promoted to Lieutenant Commander, reassigned to Chief Science/Linguistics Officer
2395 - Transferred to USS Rhea, Chief Science Officer
2396 - Transferred to USS Andromeda, Chief Science Officer

psychological records may not be accessed without prior patient approval. Medical records are CMO (or attending physician) eyes only.