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Ensign Syvar

Name Syvar MD

Position Medical Officer

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Vulcan
Age 26

Physical Appearance

Height 182cm
Weight 82kg
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Slightly wavy dark brown hair that always seems to be in some kind of disarray. Piercing green eyes that seem to size you up before even a word is spoken. Lean figure common to Vulcans, green hue to his skin. Slightly tanned due to frequent sun exposure. Elegantly pointed ears that are just covered by his hair, upswept eyebrows common to Vulcans. Lean in figure, but possesses Vulcan strength. If unclothed, reasonably muscled due to years of martial arts practice.

Due to Vulcan heritage, is often mistaken for a minor as he looks younger than he actually is.


Spouse Amelia Fox
Children Aethra, biological daughter with his wife Amelia, born early 2397
Ahara, biological daughter with mirror Fox, born 2397

As both girls are next to the same age, and genetically Amelia's as well, the girls are said to be twins.
Father Skylar (birth) Benjamin Moor (adopted)
Mother T'Para (birth) Alice Moor (Adopted)
Brother(s) none
Sister(s) none
Other Family unknown

Personality & Traits

General Overview Syvar is a young Vulcan who is very curious about everything. Having grown up around Humans since he was ten years old, he understands emotions even though he won't generally express most of them. He will permit himself to smile but otherwise does his best to keep himself as composed as possible (not always successfully). Only when dealing with patients -and very close friends- is he known to emote more than usual. Though since being assigned to a starship he's seen to emote more than usual too.

While on duty, wears gloves to protect himself against the raw emotions from patients. Off duty, he often wears them as well, unless he is certain there is no risk of accidental touch. As he is still learning to shield himself from unwanted emotions through touch, it is his goal to eventually work without gloves.

Syvar occasionally speaks elaborately like a Vulcan, but most of the time he'll use contractions of words just like Humans do.
Strengths & Weaknesses One of Syvar's biggest strengths is that he can relate with emotions as he grew up among Humans. He is friendly and ever polite (perhaps a little too....) He's respectful to those of superior rank or station.

His biggest weakness is being very behind on his training with emotional and telepathic control. While he is aiming to remedy this lack, he acknowledges it may take a while.

While serving on the Rhea, Syvar discovered he is severely allergic to cats (but apparently only a specific breed/mix)
Ambitions Ultimately (when he's gained more experience), become a chief medical officer and help train the next generation of medical officers.

Learn to harnass his own emotions, and learn to shield properly against the emotions from others.
Hobbies & Interests Keeps a Vulcan orchid in his quarters. Practices and teaches yoga to all who wish to learn. Engages in various Terran martial arts since he had no access to a Suus mahna teacher after leaving Vulcan. Is a moderate Suus mahna practioner as he'd been taught from age 1 to age 10.

Likes to go hiking for days, and hunt for any plants and flowers that have medicinal value. He hopes to start a little garden and culture them so he doesn't have to go hunting for them.

Has a pet rat named Ratatouille, or Ratty in sort.

Personal History Syvar is born in 2370 in the city Kir, as the only child of SKylar, a martial arts teacher and T'Para, an astronomer. As an only child he enjoyed the devout attention of his parents, who helped him train in the arts of Suus-mahna from the moment he could walk. While he did attend school as a child, he was mostly taught by private tutors who, like his parents were not followers of the teachings of Surak. He learned from an early age not to talk about his teachings and to keep his emotions hidden. His tutors taught him the basics of how to initiate a mind meld though he was never allowed to initiate one without supervision, as his untrained mind was not yet ready for this. Much like any Vulcan child his age.

As he grew older he felt the tension and stress between his parents but dared not ask for fear of exposing them as V'tosh. Though he did well in school, Syvar grew quiet and withdrawn. He applied himself to his studies, having little contact with his peers. At age seven, he successfully underwent the Kahswan ritual, but was never betrothed. His parents chose not to do this, for risk of exposure as a mind meld would surely expose their child's unrestrained mind.

As time went on, the situation seemed to become more dire and just after his tenth birthday, Syvar was ushered into a transport, along with his parents and few of their belongings. After weeks of travel, they arrived on Earth, starved and sick with all kinds of infections due to less than sanitary environments. Homeless, and without prospect, the small family was finally granted the status of refugee. They moved a more central part of Australia where the air was just dry enough and the temperature warm enough for them to be comfortable. However this did little for the family as they got sicker and sicker while trying to adapt to a new life. After several days in hospital, both Syvar's parents finally succumbed to the infections that riddled their bodies. Syvar somehow managed to survive though his life did hang in the balance for days.

It took months before the 10-year old recovered enough to be allowed up, and even longer before the orphaned boy was adopted by a childless Human couple. Young Syvar thrived under their care, happy to be allowed to show the emotions he so desperately tried to harness back on Vulcan. After finishing high school in 2388, Syvar applied to nursing school but found it insufficient challenge and advanced to medical school instead. He felt that, after all the Terrans had done for him to save his life, it was time he did something back. And ever curious about the universe around himself, the young man applied to starfleet while continuing on his medical degree.

Graduating in 2393, young Syvar chose the Crown to start his residency. However just as he was assigned he was told to wait for reassignment as the Crown had been lost in combat.

Freshly graduated from Starfleet Academy and Starfleet medical, Syvar is now looking to specialize in xenobiology.

Finding his assignment to Starbase Protector was in error, Syvar was quickly reassigned to a base he briefly visited before: Starbase 80.

When the crew was mostly transferred away from SB80, it's command being turned over to the Reman government of the planet it was in orbit of, Syvar transferred away as well. He saw no point in staying when the woman he had fallen in love with chose not to return his feelings.

After a brief assignment in between, the young Vulcan now finds himself en-route to his new assignment: the USS Yorktown.

Unable to remain on his last assignment due to the CO being stripped of command and the crew being dispersed, Syvar is now being reassigned to the USS Andromeda. He hopes to be able to settle here for a while longer and gain his much needed experience.

While in service of the Andromeda, was enslaved to a mirror universe version of Amelia Fox, by means of an agonizer which was implanted in his body. Thankfully, Syvar was set free after his colleague performed delicate and utterly dangerous surgery. This experience however has traumatized him, and still made him compelled to do the MU Fox's bidding.

Thanks to the real Fox, however, Syvar is now piecing his life back together. Having spent time with her, and sharing their minds and experiences, has sufficiently drawn him to her to have him realize he is actually in love with her. Late 2396, the young couple married formally while they are expecting their first child.

Early 2397, Amelia gave birth to their daughter Aethra, and several days later, they received his daughter who was born of himself and Mirror Fox. The couple decided to pass the girls off as twins and raise them as such, with neither girl ever being the wiser of one of the sibling's true origins.
Service Record 2393 - Freshly graduated from Starfleet Academy and Starfleet medical, Syvar is now looking to specialize in xenobiology.
2394 - Assigned to Starbase Protector
2394 - Reassigned to Starbase 80
2395 - Reassigned to USS Rhea
2396 - Reassigned to USS Andromeda