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Lieutenant JG Rosaline Belikov

Name Rosaline "Rose" Belikov

Position Chief Intelligence Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human/Romulan Hybrid
Age 35

Physical Appearance

Height 5'7”
Weight 130lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Rose has an average height and weight for a human female. She has Black hair which she leaves hanging around her face but which she ties back while on away missions. Her skin tone is a light coppery colour with several scars over her body, which she received over her career. Her eyes have a blue colour to them. Rose has broad shoulder and slightly muscular arms despite her Marine Corp training.


Spouse Dimitri Belikov (KIA)
Children Zeva Belikov
Father Joral T'var
Mother Elizabeth Ashton
Brother(s) none
Sister(s) Ashley Ashton

Sarah Ashton
Other Family none known

Personality & Traits

General Overview Rose has an outwardly strong personality but can at times be a little withdrawn. She dose tend to loosen up a little around people she has come to know, but until then, she tends to be a little cautious around people she doesn’t know. She doesn’t often start a friendship, but when she dose, it tends to be very stable. At times, she can be very forceful with her opinions. This 'habit' has gotten her into trouble more times than she'd care to admit, But she dose know when to stop. When she has set her mind to a task or a line of thought, it tends to be difficult to move her focus.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: Rose has greater physical ability than most humans thanks to her personal training. Her hearing and eyesight are also more sensitive than is usual for her race. This comes in useful during a combat situation when the bridge is falling apart around her.

Weaknesses: At times, she can go too far with an argument and often looses her temper. When off duty, she can be a little withdrawn at times and tends to stick by herself.
Ambitions to become Captain by 40
Hobbies & Interests Interests: Pre-Federation Starships, Hand-to-Hand Combat, armed combat and Alien Computer Encryptions

Hobbies: Reading, skiing, diving and sketching

Personal History Born on April 14th, 2358, Rosaline Ashton comes from a large family that included a long line of Starfleet Officers on her mother’s side and Starfleet Marine Corp soldiers on her Fathers side. Rosaline, who preferred to be called by her nickname Rose, is the second oldest of four children in the family, with her older Brother Mason and her two younger sisters Lilly and Mia. Because of her father's frequent deployments, Rose helped to raise her sisters, as they were born only a few months apart.

At the age of 18, Rose applied to the Starfleet Marine Corp Academy and was accepted, much to her father’s pleasure. During her time at the SMCA, she focused on Hand-to-Hand Combat training as well as Long distance combat training (Sniper training) as it was her dream to follow her Father and become a Recon Marine. As she worked her way through the four years of the Marine Corp Academy, she was approached by a member of Starfleet Intelligence and asked if she would like to receive additional training on the side. After some discussion with her unit CO, she accepted and after a week of talks with the Academy Comandante, they agreed that she would start her Computer Encryption training after completing her Academy Training. As soon as she graduated, Rose started training with a small team from Starfleet Intelligence on her Computer Encryption training. After almost a year, she gained her qualifications and was sent to her first assignment on a Planetary Starbase along the Romulan Neutral Zone, with the rank of 1st Lieutenant.
Service Record During her time at the Starbase, she was assigned to a Marine unit lead by an old Bajoran Colonel. During the second year of her assignment, the Starbase lost contact with a recon team assigned to watch a Romulan Mining facility on the edge of the Zone. Rose’s unit was given the task of finding out what happened to them. After almost three weeks of searching the planet, on foot, Rose’s team found the remains of the Recon team’s camp with two of the Marines dead. After returning to the Starbase and giving her statement on what she saw, Rose was assigned to a new Recon team assigned to replace the original one on the planet’s surface. Over the next two months, she quickly learnt the ins and outs of Recon life, and she loved every minuet of it. During her second year on assignment, her team was rotated out and Rose was transferred to another Marine Unit stationed in the former Cardassian DMZ.

During her time in the Cardassian DMZ, her Unit was assigned to a small taskforce of Starfleet ships, patrolling the DMZ in search of abandoned Dominion, Cardassian or Maquis outposts. On one assignment, the team she was assigned to was sent into an abandoned mining facility in an asteroid field. While they were searching the facility, they found a group of Jem’Hadar, who had been left behind when the Dominion pulled out of the Alpha Quadrant. After a long and drawn out fire fight, Rose’s team was able to capture or kill the Jem’Hadar and secure the Mining station. For her service, Rose was promoted to the Rank of Marine Captain and assigned to lead a Marine team of her own, Delta Squad.

After a year of leading her team, Rose decided that her life with the Corp wasn’t what she wanted it to be, so she requested a transfer back to Earth so she could attend Starfleet Academy and become an Intelligence officer. At the end of that year, she was back on earth and had started her Starfleet Career. After two years at the Academy, she graduated with the rank of Lieutenant JG and was assigned to the USS Madrid.

During her time on the Madrid, she found it difficult to fit in with the other Starfleet Officers as she had been used to the antics of the Marines and wasn’t used to the calmed environment aboard a starship. As a result, she often could be found alone in either her quarters or her office or training on the holodeck instead of socialising with the crew. This all changed when she met a young man from the engineering department named Dimitri Belikov. He was several years older than her, but that didn’t matter to her. Dimitri was able to get Rose out of her shell and into the ‘Social scene’ aboard the ship. Rose was uncomfortable at first, but as time passed, she became more open and self-confident and over time Rose and Dimirti became closer and closer.

After a year of dating, Dimirti proposed to her. In a nice ceremony held on the holodeck and officiated by the Madrid’s CO, they were married. After moving in together, their life was happy together and before long they were even expecting their first child. Unfortunately, this all changed a few years later. Dimitri had been assigned to assist a stranded ship to help repair their engines and get them going again. The away mission went down without a hitch, until an Orion Pirate in a stolen B’Rel class bird of prey decloaked and attacked the ship. Standing at her station on the bridge, Rose was frozen in shock as the stranded ship exploded before her eyes taking her husband with it. Handing her station over to another officer, Rose excused herself and started to head back to her quarters. Being escorted by another officer, Rose went into labour and had to be rushed to sickbay. After a few hours of screaming, Rose gave birth to a daughter who she named Ziva.

after a few weeks, Rose heard about an open position aboard the USS Andromeda for a Chief Security and Tactical Officer which she applied for as soon as she could. After a few months, the Majestic's Intelligence Officer transferred off of the ship, leaving Rose to take over the position of Chief Intelligence Officer.