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Ensign Gwen Leighton

Name Gwen Leighton

Position Security Officer

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 28

Physical Appearance

Height 5/10
Weight 130
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description With her height of 5'10 she's mostly legs with a sturdy torso and long arms. Somewhat awkward at times. She has brown hair, eyes and pale skin. A slight smattering of freckles when the sun permits it.


Spouse Deceased -Bryan Moore
Children None
Father Damien Leighton
Mother Tanya Leighton
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family Eccentric Uncle Tony - Starfleet Sciences

Personality & Traits

General Overview Gwen is an easy go lucky type of girl. She's confident in her job and her skill level. Cocky at times, but never to the point it would cause conflict with her fellow crew members. After losing her husband, she found herself tucked a little too deeply into work and had to be encouraged (to the point of suspension) to take some time off. It can be a struggle to not return to hiding in her work and she sees a counselor to help her work through her emotions.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strength - loyal to a fault. Compassionate. Weakness - trusts far too easily.
Ambitions Gwen would like to be in charge within her division of Starfleet. She has no issue with taking lead but the idea of command is still daunting. She would like to have a family someday but after her Husband's passing she is less concerned with it.
Hobbies & Interests Gwen enjoys horseback riding and surfing. She's comfortable outdoors but hates bugs. When on the ship Gwen can be found reading or cooking in her quarters.

Personal History Gwen was born to her parents on Earth and follow them into a career in Starfleet. Her father is in the Medical Division and her mother is on the board at Starfleet Academy. It was a fairly simple/basic childhood and Gwen speaks highly of her parents and her youth. Her father, Damien is a well-respected Doctor and pioneer of medical technology. He has spent most of his years on earth working to improve the systems aboard Starships and Starbases. Occasionally he had to leave Earth to experience his sickbay technology in use and on these trips he'd often bring back exciting stories to his awaiting daughter as well as items from various planets.

Gwen opted not to go into Starfleet once she graduated High School. She'd been working at a day care for the Starfleet staff and diplomats while in school and had been offered a full time position after graduation. She took it. It was perfect while she adjusted to her new role as an adult. Through this job, Gwen met many Starfleet Captains, First Officers, Admirals and Dignitaries. She was able to form connections with people that most Starfleet officers could only dream of. It also helped it was on the Academy campus so she could see her mother and father whenever she wanted.

Gwen met Bryan before he'd enrolled in Starfleet. She was 18 and he, 23 years old, was a bright-eyed graduate of Starfleet and a guest of her fathers for dinner. Bryan had plans to follow into the same field as her father and was eager to learn what he could. Who would have thought that a dinner would turn into so much more? Her father had concerns as Gwen wasn't going into Starfleet and the idea of them separated seemed unfair. The two persisted that it wouldn't be an issue and used Gwen's parents as an example of Starfleet personnel having no issues staying on Earth. They married when Gwen was 20. When Gwen was 23, Bryan was sent on the USS Triton to test out a new medical field kit for away missions. The crew was in orbit of a planet and would shuttle down to the surface for testing. The mission went horribly wrong when the shuttle crashed upon entering the planet's atmosphere. It was labeled a computer malfunction and no foul play was found.

Gwen was devastated. Her parents did all they could to help her as she came to terms with being a 23 year old widow. They arranged counselors, therapies, holidays and a sabbatical from work. Over time, Gwen improved but she lost joy in her field of work. Her feet became restless on Earth's soil. At 24 Gwen enrolled into Starfleet Academy and graduated four years later. Because she was older, Gwen found herself more focused than a lot of her younger classmates. She dedicated her extra time to studying and the applications of that knowledge. Gwen enjoyed her hand to hand combat lessons and found that sparring was a great way to release her pent up emotions.

After enrolling and passing at Starfleet Academy she set her sights on Security. Although she could have followed her father within Medical she preferred the idea of preventing injuries rather than repairing them. It was within Security where she met her soon to be husband Bryan. After dating for a number of years they were married however, he was killed on an away mission. Gwen was there with him and was granted a leave of absence for a short while to grieve and be cleared back for duty.
Service Record Gwen graduated Starfleet Academy before taking up service on a vessel.