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Lieutenant C'Tora Kuroka

Name C'Tora Kuroka

Position Chief Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Caitian
Age 24

Physical Appearance

Height 7' 2"
Weight 450
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Emerald Green
Physical Description Tall,lean and muscular with glossy black fur. Jaguar like in appearance, Eyes that are thoughtful and hold concern for his fellow crew mates.


Spouse Ensign M'Tara Kuroka
Children None yet
Father Cmdr. K'rill Kuroka CMO SB 89
Mother Lt Cmdr P'Rala Kuroka SB 89 Doctor
Brother(s) J'Thar Kuroka Engineer on USS Gryphon NCC 65550 Age 22
T'Har Kuroka Student on Cait. Age 16
F'rel Kuroka Student on Cait Age 16
Sister(s) Ke'Tara Artist/Sculptor Age 22 On Cait.
Ke'Lara Student on Cait Age 16
K'ami & K'omi ( Identical Twins ) Students on Cait Age 14
Other Family

Personality & Traits

General Overview Even tempered and somewhat laid back. Dedicated to his duty , kind and cheerful. very seldom lets things get him down.
Will defend those in need and aid those that are injured or Ill. Will work hard to ease the suffering of those around him and strive to make his corner of the universe a better place for those around him.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: Compassion, Curiosity, Dedication & Strong willed. Wife and family.

Weaknesses: Curiosity ,Stubborn at times ,New medical textbooks & Equipment. Wife and family. Women and children in need.
Ambitions To be the best medical doctor he can possibly be, and serve his people, ship ,the federation and those in need. To one day have a family of his own and to research new cures that will save or extend lives to their fullest. Possibly even write a paper for star fleet medical journal.
C'Tora also has hope that one day to be given command of a hospital ship or be appointed to the Starfleet medical board
Hobbies & Interests Hunting ( fresh food ) Preserving fresh meats. Plays the Overa. ( Caitian violin like instrument. intermediate level. ) Studying New medical textbooks and procedures. Sketching still life art and nature scenes. Study of herbal medicines. Wilderness camping. Caitian Martial Art Ba'Ting.( Way of the claw and fang. )

Personal History C'Tora and his siblings grew up on Starbase 89 where both his parents served in the medical department. His father being the CMO and his mother as a doctor.
The Three from the first litter grew up on the Starbase and lived among the various star fleet species working and living there.

After the second and third litters were born,P'Rala decided to take them back to Cait where they could learn more about their own people and learn their ways.
P'Rala was assigned to a federation hospital there.

After his mother P'Rala took Eight of the nine children back to Cait with her to let them experience their culture, C'Tora stayed on SB 89 with his father and continued to study. His father got permission from the base commander to appoint C'Tora as a medical cadet and work in Sickbay to augment his training and within six months was working next to the doctors without instruction and doing everything with the exception of surgery. By the time he had turned fifteen, he had delivered first baby with only a nurse to assist him. He also tested that year for early entry into Starfleet Academy with recommendations from the Admiral, The commanding Captain and the CMO of Star Base 89. He scored highly and was soon accepted into the Academy and considered to be a savant in the medical field.
Service Record 4 years Star fleet academy class of 2393 , Graduated with honors. Entered the Academy at age sixteen and was considered to be gifted in the field of medicine. He grew up on SB 89 where his father still serves as the CMO and his mother also served as a Doctor there as well. He had an interest in medicine from a young age and started asking questions about it by age four. He began to study it with his parents encouragement at age six and knew he wanted to be a medical doctor more then anything else and dedicated himself to be just that, someone who could help others in their time of need and relieve they're suffering.

2393-2395: Assigned to the USS Europa as a fresh new Ensign and a Medical Officer. tended to lose track of time when working in Sickbay, especially when things got busy and had to be told to leave when things slowed down again. The nurses used to joke that C'Tora had a date when the new Starfleet medical journal came out, he could be seen in the gardens stretched out and reading. In 2394 he was appointed to replace the Asst. CMO as he was promoted and transferred to another ship as a new CMO. At the start of 2395 C'Tora left the Europa and received promotion to Lieutenant JG and transferred to the USS Andromeda as the new CMO.. Little did he know that he would meet again with the crew of the Europa within three weeks time, as they took on survivors from the ship and he witnessed the destruction of the Europa by the planet killer. The crew had managed to be evacuated with no lives lost prior to it's destruction, but it was still hard for him to see the Europa go down like that.

2395-Present: USS Andromeda, came aboard as the new Chief Medical Officer and promoted to Lieutenant JG.