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Lieutenant JG Lilura Karakalakss

Name Lilura Siana Karakalakss

Position Assistant Chief Engineering Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Soliodaran
Age 30

Physical Appearance

Height 6' 6"
Weight 320 lbs
Hair Color Deep Auburn Brown
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Lilura looks to be of a Misses physique, on the slim side, but still has a very pleasing body shape for a female. It is only in approaching her does one realize she is standing six and a half feet tall, and of course she is of a not standard humanoid race. She stands upright and has the typical humanoid stance and structure found throughout most of the races in the galaxy. (Two arms, two legs, one head, mammalian). The differences are thus: She is reptilian looking, but with fur, is warm blooded, and definitely mammalian in body. Rather than large scales and no fur, she has very small interlocking scales under her brown fur. These interlocking scales act like armor when pressed into, making her 'skin' very tough and enduring.

The eyes are wider apart and set to the side a little, giving her 270 degree vision. She still has very good binocular vision as other two eyed intelligent races in the galaxy. She has retractable claws on her hands while the feet claws are not retractable. She has large expressive ears. For protection in her natural environment, she has inner ear and nose flaps along with clear skin protective covers over eyes.

Physique/Build/Frame: Light-Medium Build, Feminine Form, considered a Misses.

Measurements - 44 - 33 - 54 with tail (without tail is 47)

Fur Color:
Her fur color is a lighter shade of brown with her ventral fur (frontal) is ligth brown on coloration. She has yellow marking stripes Down the top of her muzzle from ear to nose, along with a yellow marking stripe down her sides and over her outer thighs. These are warning markings letting prey and other predators know she is venomous.

Special: Soliodarans are related to Soliquoy See Addendum


Spouse None
Children Hopefully in the future
Father Anosksuar Triskans Karakalakss
Mother Lilursta Riorna Kanastarakss
Brother(s) Older Brother - Kriasterkss
Sister(s) Older Sister - Kitchysaria, Younger Sister - Riosersia
Other Family

Personality & Traits

General Overview Lilura has a gregarious personality, very outgoing, and will approach others to start a conversation. She does like to tell jokes and be at ease, but can, at a moments notice, become serious and performing any actions needed for the situation. She knows she is from a little known race and is used to the stares and questions. She even cracks jokes about being a furred saurian, and no, no eggs laid as of yet. She enjoys going out, hearing a good joke, sharing a beer or shot, and light flirting, both male and female.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: Lilura is enthusiastic, idealistic, and creative. She loves working with technology and has been doing so from a young age. She is focused and has to get the problem at hand solved. As her race has senses that can interact with technology, she uses these senses to help in her duties and repairs to good effect.

Weaknesses: Lilura is from an unknown/little-known race. This can get in the way of trying to be social with others. Also, being of another sentient race, she can seem insensitive when her moralistic and duty values clash with another's, especially as she always drives herself to do her best and expects it in others, except during parties, of course.

Personality and Convictions:

Lilura is gregarious, outgoing, and loves interacting with others in social environments, she is a flirt. She has a base core of self beliefs in Creator, Moral Values from Creator, Family, Duty, and well being of self. She loves shopping, trying new activities, and hates to just sit on the side of game or ruckus, as the case may be.


Lilura is slightly thinner than norm for her race. She is in very good fitness, and has the racial norm for her race of a stronger muscleature. She is covered in furr, with retractible hand claws, retractible dew claws on hands and feet, with foldable fangs in her mouth. And, she has a 7'6" tail she used to manipulate items in her environment. She does practice her Trak'ha Martial Arts style, which uses tail and claws.

Strength and Stamina: Lilura can deadlift 6.14 times her body weight, and carry a third of that. Her race is born to run and she can do so for hours. Sprinting, on the other hand, only for short periods. She can leap her tail length into the air from a standstill.

Health: Lilura is in outstanding health, her immune system sees the that. It is very fast at counteracting threats. Not as fast as a Soliquoy, but still works in seconds. Soliodarans don't have medical doctors in their society, and the few who have exhibited healing psionics or want to become a part of the medical profession are sent to the L'Tandrey Homeworld to be trained.

Psionics: Lilura has only one discipline, telekintic hands. She 'feels' the extensions of her mind as extra tails. She uses her ability in her day to day tasks and chores. She has two, and can lift 100 lbs with each.
Ambitions Ambitions: Lilura enjoys working with her engines, power plants, and computer systems. Her dream is to get to be on a ship repair facility to have a chance to work on various races ships and their intricate and varied equipment. As far as a family, if someone comes around who keeps her interest, then yes, she'll marry. Of kids, yes, she wants several. If her future beau is of a different race, then, adoption.

Hobbies & Interests Besides just enjoying working on starship systems, Lilura loves hobby kits to put together. She loves to go out and socialize, and dance into the wee hours of the morning. She also will try new sports just to see if she likes them or not. She can't do football (soccer) as her toe claws always kills the ball.

Personal History Lilura was born at home on Terra Time May 1st, 2364. Her older sister Kitchysaria helped her mother, Lilursta, with the birth. She was a healthy length, although 'famished' by the midwife's reckoning. Her father came home from his repair business to find a healthy young girl added to his family.

Growing up was a fun time for Lilura. She enjoyed the games and excursions all young Soliodaran's went through for making sure there was nothing amiss with their developing bodies. She also enjoyed going to her father's work, only to be discovered at six taking apart his hovercar monitoring computer. Her dad watched for a bit, then began giving her pointers, training, and different items to take apart, then put back together. When Lilura went in for her 12 year checkup, she had built her own computer for schooling.

In high school Liliura discovered there were advanced placement courses available. She took courses in power and propulsion systems, while keeping up her side hobby of computer systems and programming. She graduated high school and was accepted into the L'Tandrey Homeworld Harkaris Engineering College.

Lilura graduated college with Starship Engineering Degree, majors being Power Systems, Cybernetics, Warp Field/Rift Field Dynamics, minors in Transporters/Replicators, Xeno-engineering, and Psi-Based Computer Systems. All L'Tandrey ships have AI's with psionics to interact with their L'Tandrey Psionic crews. She took exams to try to get to the advanced college for her masters, and she was accepted.

She completed her chosen advanced studies and Graduated with Advanced Degrees for Travel Field Technology and fields, Xeno Technology, and Computer Systems. She applied for the L'Tandrey Starforce. She was accepted and received a berth as an Engineering Officer on the LSV Allier Istari Janaya on May 27th of 2386 Terra.

After serving a little over a year, she was chosen to become and exchange officer with the Federation. Only thing, she had to go through their academy as well. She gladly accepted and went to Terra for going through the Academy. After all, she was an 'ensign' equivalent in rank, so getting more fun schooling with technology and getting the same rank again didn't hurt her feelings in the slightest. She went to Terra on July 23rd, 2387.



1) Soliodaran immune systems are supurb from a medical point of view. They are immune to all known contageons and illnesses, even from other worlds. Their systems respond rapidly to threats, and they are immune to the borg nanites and implants. Their bodies reject the implants almost immediately. They heal quickly as a result of this immune system, (as they do not have to fight off infections), but can still be incapacitated for a while with a broken bone or serious injuries.

2) Solidarans are strong for their size, even though they are from only a 1.3 g world. Their teeth and nails are very strong and sharp, and the power in their jaws can snap a femur or pelvic bone with ease. (Always use heavey doses of muscle relaxants when working with teeth or throat.) The musculature is denser than normal humanoids, while the skeletal structure is based upon hexedecimal cellular geometry, allowing for a light but very strong support skeleten.

3) Soliodarans have retractable claws on the hands with fixed claws on the feet. The tail is used for poise and balance as would be expected in Tailed races, as as being prehensile, unlike the semi prehensile tails of the Soliquoy. There is a dew claw in the hands and on the feet which transports their venom to intended prey/victoms. These dew claws are fully retractable. There are Fangs in the mouth that fold up that perform the same function.

4) ***WARNING*** Soliodarans have a very dangerous venom produced and stored inside their bodies. The venom is of a short prion derivitive matrix that readily attacks and breaks down protien strands and cellular membranes. Also involved in this process are viral and bacterial components. Handle with extreme caution. Fortunately, this venom is not as vicious as a Soliquoy's venom. Still, if left unchecked, can kill in less than 12 hours from a small wound. Direct wounds to a creatures blood transport system can result in death in 20 minutes if not immediately treated.

5) Soliodarans have two separate fluid transport systems, and as such, have two different heart beats and blood pressures. This can cause problems with Bio-Beds reading the subject unless the bed is properly calibrated for the three systems.

6) Soliodarans have several lymphatic systems that produce various pressure readings and systic flows. This is a part of their immune system and the bio beds need calibrated for this also.

7) Each Soliodarans fluid transport system has small valves through the ateries besides the veins.

8) Soliodarans fur and temperature regulation systems allow them to adjust to very cold to high heat conditions, along with providing a barrier for various plant and animal defenses. Their are lymphatic and Oil systems associated with the fur to produce immediate response to environmental conditions and parasitical conditions found on planets.

9) ***NOTE*** The scales, fur, teeth, and claws are all hybrid silicate/protien based structures that have hexegonally formed structures and they are very sharp, strong, and resistant to most chemicals. Use specialty lasers and metalurgical etching acids to peform work on these structures.

10) Soliodarans have an auxilliary brain at the spinal cord where the tail protrudes from. The second brain controls the tail and tactile feedback from the tail for full prehensile control.


1) Soliodarans have thermal sensing structures in their cheeks, under their eyes. These give them the ability to 'see' heat in the environment aroud them. It is generalized, but very effective for sensing life forms around them.

2) Soliodarans have extra sensing structures lining their sides that detect electromagnetic energies around them. This allows them to sense and track living beings, as well as conduits and power lines. It is similar to those structures found in Sharks, Eels, and certain reptiles on earth. This sense is highly accurate, and Soliquoy can tell individual apart, as well as recognize friends through their 'auras'. As each person is unique, twins even register differently to this sense.

3) Soliodarans feet and hair are very sensitive to vibrations, being able to sense the light stiring in the air from someone breathing lightly at 10 meters away. General Direction and probable distance can be determined with this sense, but more accurate information is determined by the use of other senses.

4) Soliodarans eyes are near standard Saurian eyes. They can see into the Ultraviolet as well as the human normal for vision. Their depth of field is as normal, with a night sight that rivals Caitians for low light vision. As long as their is Ultraviolet emenations around, they can see in total Darkness.

5) Solidarans are Psionic, usually limited to Telepathy and Telekinetics. They can have just one, or the other, or be a psionic null.

Service Record Lilura arrived at StarFleet Academy in San Franscisco on September 1st, 2387. She checked in, passed her medical and psychological evaluations, and started classes on the 3rd. She gladly went through the engineering cirriculum to learn about Federation tech. She quickly got up to speed and thoroughly enjoyed herself.

Outside of class, she did go to some dances, did some sightseeing, and managed to get a camping permit, even though she had to go in a group of four. It was finding four others who didn't mind being with her, but it worked out. She went on the camping trip with: Dasuhris, a female Gorn and larger than she was; a Tellarite female, affiable and argumentive, by the name of Gaggonn bav Skaan; and an Andorian, counselor in training, ipillia Zh'zhaaril. They had a blast and stayed a quartet of friends during the rest of Lilura's academic experience. They promised to look each other up during their carreers.

She got a decent ship for her Cadet Cruise. It was the USS Raman, an Oberth class ship. Lilura loved working in engineering, and while the current CEO hated cadets, he really enjoyed Lilura's focus and meticulous detail. Not once did she tune his engines out of balance. He recommended her for service and a commendation for rank advancement. She was given her Lt. jg rank on May 15, 2391 and waited assignment.

Word got around and Lilura was given her next assignment almost immediately. She went to serve on the USS Valiant. Then, on May 1st, 2392, Lilura's 28th birthday of all things, the Valiant was doing a routine planetary checkin for a Colony planet. The arrived to a Borg attack. The Valiant suffered a strike to engineering, taking out main power. Lilura quickly worked with the others to find where communications was breaking down between the reactor and the control consoles. She worked quickly to get power restored. However, a catwalk above was structurely compromised and gave way. Lilura shoved the two Ensigns near her away from the falling debris, but was caught in it herself. She was wounded with a handrail through her stomach on the right side. She stayed at her post and got the intermix controls reparied, bringing onine main power for the ship and its mission.

The Captain recommended her for a Star Cross and she received it when they arrived back to the starbase for repairs. Later that year he put in for a rank advancement for her and she received full Lt. on December 4th, 2392. He began looking for her an ACEO position, and found one for her.
Lilura transferred to the USS Valdemar, an Ambassador Classs as ACEO on May 21st, 2393. She served two years at that post, excelling at her work and leadership, when an opportunity for her to become CEO of a Federation Starship appeared. She took it.

She arrived at Starbase 308 on February 28th to report to the USS Andromeda as its new CEO on the next day.

Medical Record Injuries:

239205.01 Right Abdomen punctured through taken bringing power back online after Borg attack on Colony and Valiant. Engine room had taken a direct hit and support struts were failing. Lt. jg Karakalakss remained on station to fix the controls. She shoved to other officers out of the way of a collapsing catwalk while taking a hand rail through her midsection. She stayed on post and got the intermix controls repaired and brought back online main power. The wound fully healed in three weeks.

NOTE: Age Factor - Soliodarans live longer than humans, their planet year is equal to 18 months of Earth. Life expectancy is 192 years.

236405.01 Birth Date. Born at 13 lbs, 11 oz at 24.6 inches
237008.30 6 Year Wellness check, entered Primary School
237608.30 Primary School, 12 Year check
237805.20 Medical/Social Testing Complete, entered High School
237805.21 Graduated High School with AP classes in Engineering Disciplines
237808.18 University Medical Acceptance Exam - Passed.
238205.21 Final University Medical, Graduated college with Starship Engineering Degree, majors being Power Systems, Cybernetics, Warp Field/Rift Field Dynamics, minors in Transporters/Replicators, Xeno-engineering, Psi-Based Computer Systems.
238605.21 Completed Advanced Studies, Graduated college with Advanced Degrees for Travel Field Technology and fields, Xeno Technology, Computer Systems.
238605.23 Mental/Physical Health Status cleared for L'Tandrey Starforce Shipboard Duty.
238605.27 Transfer to LSV Allier Istari Janaya, Engineering Officer
238707.22 Notification Received for Officer Exchange Status, On route to Terra
238709.03 Starfleet Academy Entry Medical Evaluation: Mental/Physical Passed
239101.10 Starfleet Shipboard Medical Evaluation for Cadet Cruise: Mental/Physical Passed. Transferred to USS Raman, Oberth class ship.
239105.15 Completed Cadet Cruise with high marks. Received Lt. j.g. for Rank.
239105.19 Starfleet Academy Final Medical Evaluation: Mental/Physical Passed.
239105.21 Transferred to USS Valiant, Intrepid Class.
239205.01 Awarded the Star Cross for actions taken bringing power back online after Borg attack on Colony and Valiant.
239212.04 Received Leautenant for Rank.
239305.21 Transferred to USS Valdemar, Ambassadar Class as ACEO
239502.21 Transferred to Starbase 308 for new assignment.
239502.28 Arrived at Starbase 308.
239503.01 Reporting to USS Andromeda as ACEO, acting CEO until CEO procurred