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Lieutenant Commander True Keading

Name True Keading

Position Chief Counselor

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 32

Physical Appearance

Height 5'5"
Weight 135 lbs
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Being of average height and weight for a human, True feels she is able to blend in fairly well to the background which is just how she likes it. Though to some people she is quite beautiful. She has long blond hair which she usually wears partially down when possible. Her blue eyes have a touch of green in them that one can only see when looking very close. She has a small heart shaped birthmark on her right shoulder blade.


Father Donald Keading (Deceased)
Mother Kate Bower-Keading (Deceased)
Brother(s) Vernon, William Keading
Other Family Aunt- Marjorie Keading

Personality & Traits

General Overview True is generally outgoing though she doesn't really open up unless she knows people are comfortable with her. She's almost always cheerful but not bubbly. Few things bother her which makes her good at her job. But she can also understand sorrow and other difficult emotions from the loss of her parents at a young age. She is very observant and often loves to just watch people. Unfortunately this sometimes makes others even more uncomfortable in her presence because of her position as counselor.
Strengths & Weaknesses Her greatest weakness is tea. She can be found with a cup in hand at almost all hours even if it's the middle of the night. She knows it's an addiction but thinks there are worse things to become addicted to. Her strength is in her ability to usually let things roll off of her and get to the heart of the real issue. Her life experiences as well as her training help her with what she feels passionate about the most, making sure that others know that someone out there cares and is there to help them through their own ups and downs.
Ambitions True has no ambitions other than to be where she is needed and to be in a place that makes her happy.
Hobbies & Interests Knitting: True thinks best when on her feet and can be found wandering the ship as she knits. She gives away the things she makes to people she likes and trusts. They may not understand this, but True gives a piece of her heart away with each gift.

Swimming: While not the fastest swimmer in the world, she enjoys the water a great deal and especially enjoys sunning herself on the same after a good swim in the holodeck.

Riding: True is an avid horseback rider and enjoys taking her holographic horse for a ride on the beaches of Alaska where she grew up

Personal History Born on Betazed, True was raised on Earth in Alaska by an aunt after the death of her parents in a shuttle accident when she was 6. She has two older brothers, Vernon and William who were a constant source of protection and annoyance while she was growing up. Because of
their age difference Vernon was almost more of a father figure for True. This sometimes strained their relationship as he often felt that he should be able to tell her what to do.

Though younger than her brothers, she found it hard to adjust to the new life and had some difficulty in school until she made friends with a local boy named Ora. They were both teased about their names which brought them together for quite a few years of close friendship.
However in their teen years they drifted apart and to this day True does not understand why.

Because of her early tragedy, True grew up knowing that she wanted to help people. The best way, in her mind, to do that was to become a counselor in Starfleet. So as soon as she was old enough she enlisted at the Academy. After graduating Starfleet Medical she was posted to
the USS Gryphon as an assistant counselor. There she met Jacob Freeman whom she fell in love with. They spent many happy months together until True discovered that he'd been having a relationship with another woman. Heartbroken she requested a transfer.

On the USS Clement she kept to herself and didn't pursue any relationships or friendships beyond what was required of her job. Eventually she slowly came out of her shell and realized that she was only hurting herself by remaining closed to other people.

By the time of her next assignment on the USS Fredrickson she had a few close friends that she still keeps in touch with to this day. She slowly came out of her shell and allowed herself to love again, though still cautious she believed she had healed enough to start dating again though opportunities were few and far between on this assignment.

It wasn’t until she joined the crew of the USS Shanghai that she found love again. She pursued a relationship with the strategic operations officer. They fell in love but he was injured during an observation mission on a planet and she followed him off ship to a starbase where his leg had to be amputated. They both joined the crew of the USS Yorktown which was later destroyed while True was the ranking officer on the bridge. Though a little traumatized for a time about the event, True and her boyfriend Gavin joined the crew of the USS Rhea, that ship that had rescued them. After a time however, True and Gavin drifted apart and True requested a reassignment.
Service Record 2381-2385 Starfleet Medical Academy
2385-2387 Assigned to USS Gryphon- Assistant Counselor
2387-2390 USS Clement- Assistant Counselor
2390-2393 USS Fredrickson -Assistant Counselor
2393- 2394 Assigned to the USS Shanghai as Chief Counselor
2394-2396 USS Yorktown/USS Rhea- Chief Counselor
2396-present USS Andromeda- Chief Counselor