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Out Of Character Awards

Award Reason
Friendship Ribbon Friendship Ribbon
Awarded 02 Aug 2020 @ 3:10am
Nominated by Commander Amelia Fox
The friendship between Amelia and Michael has come on significantly and despite being his superior officer, off duty, he thinks of her as a sister. He provides a sounding board and supports her through the difficult times and celebrates with her in her new happiness.
Plot Development Citation Plot Development Citation
Awarded 02 Aug 2020 @ 2:08pm
Nominated by Captain Jonathan Reynolds
For taking on the mantle of writing the Cetea and creation of Uldrag the first. A queen I intend to watch how she develops and what she does with her new status very carefully. I look forward to reading her story and how she fits in with the dark ones and the Andromeda in general. Great job!
Crews Choice Award Crews Choice Award
Awarded 02 Sep 2020 @ 1:40am
Nominated by Lieutenant Xu Chang Lau
This player made me feel so welcome when I first joined and with the exception of the Command triad, is the only player to have started a post with me, but the post itself was a relaxed writing experience, he put me at ease and even helped me sort things out with the current story that I was still very fuzzy with. This may not be the correct award to request this player/Character be considered for but I feel this kindness needs to be recognised.