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Miles to go and promises to keep

Posted on 30 Nov 2020 @ 3:38am by Lieutenant C'Tora Kuroka

Lieutenant JG C'Tora Kuroka
Andromeda CMO
CMO Office Sickbay

Just got back from the party aboard the Majestic a few hours ago. Made some new friends and reconnected with some old friends as well, all together a very enjoyable evening. Played a fun party game called what's your favorite scent? Had to really think about that one for a bit, the Caitian sense of smell is rather acute.

Shared some memories with Natasha about our camping trip in British Columbia in Canada back on Earth. Speaking of Natasha Blackthorne, My former XO has been assigned to the Andromeda as it's new Diplomatic Officer, so it will be good to have another friend aboard. I met the Andromeda's security chief Gwen Leighton for the first time, she seems to be a rather pleasant person. I'm going to ask a favor of her if she is willing, to give me a refresher course in the use of the hand phaser. I haven't held one since my first year in the academy, since we're in the frontier if push comes to shove I better know how to use one better then I do now.

Our next stop is Starbase 308. For some reason I am looking forward to going there, I have never been there before so why am I feeling this way? Perhaps I shall run into someone from my past? Maybe find some type of treasure or useful item in one of the shops? There is a Medical Symposium going on at the Starbase, perhaps I shall drop in and sit in on a session or just get a transcript and read up on the new procedures and updates at my leisure. I still have that nagging feeling that something is going to change in my life, maybe I'm just overtired and need some rest.

C'Tora out


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