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First Day Jitters

Posted on 25 Jul 2022 @ 5:29am by Lieutenant C'Tora Kuroka & Lieutenant JG Cassandra Higgins & Lieutenant JG Roger Harrison Jr & Ensign Syvar MD & Ensign M'Tara Kuroka

Mission: Through the looking glass
Location: MedBay
Timeline: At DS21 day after Roger joined the ship
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The alarm went off at 0600. Blearily, Roger sat up. "it's just me, go back to sleep," he said to Lucy, his wife, who was stirring awake next to him. Family barracks were a strange phenomenon he wasn't used to yet; he'd been a single guy back when he was in the Betazoid colonies and helping the Betazoids in the war. He didn't DARE turn on the lights, in case he woke Lucy or Minnie, his daughter, up. They would need the sleep-he'd drug them a few million lightyears from all they knew to chase a dream of "helping people." Lucy was grand about it, but Minnie didn't seem like she really knew what was happening. At five, though, that was to be expected. A bit later had him dressed, showered, and shaved, and he sipped at the coffee that Lucy pressed into his hand as they talked about what their day would hold. He, of course, had to go to work-his first day as Assistant Chief Medical Officer-and the girls, as he called them, were going to walk about the ship to get their bearings, then get Minnie set up for school and things. Lucy would find things to entertain herself-she always did. Finally, it was ten minutes to jump, and he kissed them both, and headed out to sickbay.

He carried a small seapack with his supplies-jacket, stethoscope, and personal items. He arrived, and let himself in, looking around, a little out of his element. A ship-based medbay was very different from the trainee ones at the Academy, and also very different from the trauma bays he'd been in on Betazed. Those were triage stations-where it was life or death (usually death). He found the small alcove that'd be his office-at least it was based on the nameplate on the door-and he started to arrange his things carefully. Finally, he heard the "attention" orders come down, and hurriedly, he went to the door, stood at perfect attention, and saluted. He followed the CMO to his office.

"Allo," he started. "LtJG Roger Harrison, presenting for duty." He stood there, like a damn idiot, waiting for...something.

Rather than the CMO however, the newcomer was met with a very green-eyed, rather happy and young looking Vulcan male. "Oh I'm not the chief medical officer sir," the young man replied, his smile almost apologetic now, "but I'm sure he'll be in to meet you soon enough." He held out a gloved hand, the gloves now almost his trademark as he generally wore them while on duty in sickbay. "I'm Syvar, one of the general doctors here."

A sombre looking blond women entered from a side room, a PADD in her hand as she was going over the neurological scans of her patient... Or more correctly Doctor C'Tora's patient and by extension her own given she was the ships Counsellor.
"Sorry to interrupt... Syvar, are these scans the most up to date. They are showing exactly the same neural activity as the last round. We should be seeing some improvement in Xu's patterns by now?"

"Hello counselor," the younger doctor greeted, his cheerfulness almost evaporating. "I don't know ma'am... but I'm sure Doctor Kuroka will run more scans as soon as he's available?" He was aware of Xu's condition but since she wasn't his patient he didn't really deal much with her. He gestured towards the new arrival. "This is Doctor Harrison, perhaps he can take a look? Neurology isn't something I'm well versed in to begin with."

Cassie deactivated the PADD and finally looked at the newcomer. He was lanky with a feirce mop of brown hair but kind features.
"You must be the new Assistant Chief Medical Officer... welcome!" she proffered a hand to shake the new arrivals. "Welcome to the Andromeda."

C'Tora walked into Sickbay and observed a small gathering by his office door, He took a sip of his tea as he approached the group. He caught the scent of Cassie and Sy'var right off the bat, but there was a new scent he was unfamiliar with. He stopped behind the group and looked down with his emerald green eyes. " So who called for the medical conference and what have I missed? " He looked at the newcomer. " I am Doctor C'Tora Kuroka. " Said the Large Caitian. " And you are....? "

Roger extended his hand for the PADD. "I don't mind. Roger Harrison, the new XO, Medical. I can take a look. And thank you." Roger looked up at the strange, new voice. An alien...a cat alien dressed in medical uniform. Why that shook him, he wasn't sure. He'd worked in the Betazoid colonies awhile, and was used to all kinds.
He smiled, though, and replied. "I am LtJg. Dr. Roger Harrison, the ACMO." Dang, that was a mouthful. "You can just call me Rog, if you like. Most people do."

C'Tora gave a toothy grin. "Well welcome aboard , So Starfleet has finally decided to send me an ACMO. Now there's is some welcome news! We're normally doing something around here, People trickling in for minor ailments or injuries. Work related accidents, child births, responding to a ship distress call or even a planetary medical distress call. Thank the goddess those are few and far between." He looked at his new ACMO and saw a seasoned doctor and not just a young inexperienced young man fresh out of the academy. "So are you here by you by yourself or with family? that and what was your last duty station?" Asked the curious cat.

Syvar smiled as he handed the PADD that'd just been given to him, to the CMO. "Maybe he can give my girls a once-over? They seem out of sorts with their mother away on mission and I feel a little out of my league, and I can't check on them as that's unethical?

"Starfleet has no regulations stating that a doctor can't give a check up to a family member." The large Caitian stated. " "There are however regulations about a doctor performing surgery on a family member., Unless of course there are no other doctors present or available. I don't have to tell you that a doctor should never perform surgery while they are emotionally distressed. So I would suggest that you both take one each and make sure those young ladies are in good health." C'Tora grinned "Unless the two of you would like to swap duties with me and take over my monthly inventory."

"They're in ward two," Syvar said, looking a little concerned, "I didn't feel it was right for me to check up my own children." He waved Roger over and started to lead him towards the ward. "My daughters are called Aethra and Ahara," he said, as a thin wail reached them. "Could you....?"

Roger blinked. It was moving quickly, but he nodded. "I can look at them, certainly. I feel the same way about my own girl. I knowI can, but she behaves better for others. Children, no matter what race or gender, are basically the same in behavior as far as I've observed." He then nodded to the man. "Please, take your time with Cassie here. I'll just get comfortable in my office, and set up for the day," he said. He turned then, to head in the opposite direction.

"Tora" Cassie interrupted, proffering the PADD to the Chief Medical Officer that she had been carrying. "If you have a moment could we discuss Xu's progress?"

C'tora glanced up as he heard the door open like he did every time, and he smiled as M'Tara walked in. " Hello Love, We got a New ACMO today, I've got to talk with Cassie for a bit." He turned to Cassie. " Shall we step into my office? " He walked over to the replicator . Would you care for something to drink before we start? " C'Tora asked and then replicated a cup of green tea for himself as he listened to her drink request if she had one.

Cassie started to lead the way from the main sickbay and out of earshot of the new arrival, leaving him to get acquainted with the rest of the medical team he would be over seeing in the absence of C'Tora.

At that moment a tall snow white Caitian, with emerald green eyes walked in, "Oh we have another medical person. Hello I am Ensign M'tara Kuroka." giving a toothy smile. "I'm in medical as well." motioning to her blue medical jacket. "Its great that another person has joined us."

C'Tora turned around and noted that Cassie wasn't there and stepped back out of the office and went back over to her and spoke very softly. " This matter you wish to discuss, Is it of a personal nature and want to keep it private? Would you like to discuss this in my office or somewhere else? " He asked Cassie.

Glancing between C'Tora and Cassie, sensing the seriousness given what Cassie had said before, Stlyvar waved at the new arrival. "Hey M'Tara...want to help Doctor Harrison have a look at my girls? They're very fussy...."

C'tora stepped into his office and waited for Cassie to enter, and then did something that he's never done since he's been on the ship. Computer close door and tint office window. " He moved to the replicator. " Would you care for a beverage before we begin? " He asked Cassie in an attempt to create a calm atmosphere and discuss what was apparently a sensitive matter.

M'Tara only watched as C'Tora and Cassie went to speak then she turned her head to where the babies were at. "Let's check on the little kittens and see how they are doing. " Following after the newest doctor, "I've been wanting to get a good look at the new kittens since their arrival." she grinned. Of course she was using caitian terms, but she meant no harm.

After awhile Cassie and C'Tora stepped out of the office. " I understand completely and this matter will be given the privacy that you've requested. If you require anything else on this matter then please contact me at any time. " C'Tora then went to his office and retrieved his tricorder and logged himself into the restricted access medical vault and doing his inventory work and comparing the amounts used versus what the remaining weight and volume is at currently. After about an hour and all charts equaled to where they should be and he was satisfied with the results. One down and three more areas to go.

Meanwhile, Syvar had led the two other doctors towards the ward that held two infants who were safely constrained on the biobed by a forcefield. "Aethra and Ahara," he said, pointing first to the left, then to the right infant. "They're so fussy," he said as he watched the restless girls, "they won't nap and they won't feed, and I don't know what to do now."

M'tara gave out a slight sigh, "My dear cousin, the best way to take care of this is, one have a rocking chair, two, get some clothing that has her scent and the babies will settle down. Three, if she has already expressed milk to feed them replicate the breast milk wear her night robe and feed the babies wearing the item that has her scent. Little ones prefer the scent of mama which is why they won't eat as you are not the mama." giving a throaty laugh. "if you have a recording of her voice singing then, play that as well and once they hear mama's voice and catch her scent, it will be okay."

C'Tora came walking up from behind, His ears twitched as he listened in on the conversation. " Most Caitians have experience with raising young ones before we're married. I am the eldest of nine cubs, the older ones help the parents with the younger ones. And if you're going to go for a rocking chair, then I would suggest the Texas glider rocking chair. It has a much smoother glide and is Tail safe. "

Syvar looked thoughtful. Her night gown he obviously did have, but he wasn't sure about recordings. "I don't have siblings," he answered softly, "and now I have twins." It was the lie spun to keep up the appearance, and he knew it would work since they were indeed the same age. He looked up, offering a smile to the large cat. "I don't have a tail though sometimes I do wish I had. It seems very useful to have one, but yes I think a rocking chair is a very good idea."

C'Tora agreed enthusiastically. " Yes tails are wonderful things! They are most useful for balance, running, climbing and fighting. I sometimes wonder how other species get along without one, But then again we're not all made the same either. " He shrugged. " As for the rocking chair, you'll find one recommended at the goods replicator. It is the same type that is used in the nursery and daycare centers and recommended for new parents as well. if you want I could go with you to carry the chair back to your quarters for you while you tend to your children, It's the least I could do. "

M'Tara looked on with amusement at the conversation, then turned towards Lt. Harrison. "Welcome once again to the craziness of Medical. And on that note I need to get back to work."

Syvar smiled and waved at the white-furred feline. "I'm sure they can just transport it to my home," he answered C'Tora, before handing Harrison one of the baby girls. "I'm not sure that just wanting their mother is all there is to it. I just... I don't know. Maybe I'm worried over nothing but please, just give them a once-over? Please?"

" Doctor Harrison. If you don't have your medical kit with you there is one in your office. Standard protocol to have one in both the CMO's and ACMO's office. We have extras so you should have one in your quarters as well, I like all of the Doctors aboard this ship to have a med Kit in they're quarters, One never knows when an emergency will strike. " C'Tora watched the proceedings going on around in Sickbay with a critical eye. " And of course Doctor Harrison, just like any other ship we don't use ranks unless it's something formal going on or the brass is around. So it's the usual Doctor, Nurse or Technician title . So tell me what you think about your new little corner of the universe here? " C'Tora asked.

Roger simply nodded his understanding. He was a smart fellow, and could follow along with the conversations as they were happening. He suspected that being a father helped a bit, too-he was used to his two ladies chatting at him from different directions at the same time and keeping his focus. "It's busy already! I feel quite at home; my specialty is trauma medicine so I am always glad when it's NOT an emergent situation."

"Doctor Harrison is fine. Rog as well. I answer to both." But do not use his middle name, he hated that. "I do have my medkit in my office; brought my own, but that's fantastic information, thank you. I keep supplies around because my daughter is active and gets into scrapes often." He knew it was just a matter of time before Minnie found herself in Sickbay with a cut or wound from playing too roughly. Roger took one of the babies into his arms. "I'll get my Tricorder." But he also knew that simple observation would sometimes tell you more. He found the device in his bag, and returned, the baby still attached to his hip. Luckily for him, she was much lighter than his own girl.

M'tara popped back in bringing in a couple of things to restock. "Like I said earlier nothing seems to be wrong, except for them missing their mama. There are many ways to get babies to sleep, isn't that right Doctor Harrison? Also, babies can pick up a parent's anxiety and it compounds trouble."

C'Tora watched the situation unfold and knew his new ACMO had properly diagnosed the situation. " Well now that's resolved, I guess I've got to get back to doing this inventory. I've already started it for this month Doctor Harrison, so I'll finish it up. There are certain items that are restricted and can only be inventoried by the CMO or ACMO. We'll switch off back and forth , so next month it will be your turn. We'll grab some lunch some time and I'll explain the details to you. The report must be done in triplicate. One to the Captain, one to security and one to starfleet medical. Just remember Rog, with rank comes privilege... And paperwork. "

Roger chuckled. "Always bloody paperwork." He turned to M'tara. "Yes, that's correct. Babies-and animals-are very keen to adults' feelings. They can sense when we're afraid, or when we're worried, and even when we're happy." His forte wasn't child psychology but he knew enough. "Seems little miss here has a case of the sniffles. Probably just from excitement." Any new things can raise one's immune response, inherently causing a viral-type response, even if one wasn't *truly* ill. "Rest and fluids." He said, simply. "Mr...Syvar. If you'd like, I can ask my wife to assist you in their care. She's been wanting another child to look after, anyway, but we can't have any more of our own. I don't think she'd mind, our girl is in school now and so she has her days free. It may help them to have a female's presence, as well as find it amusing and a change of scenery." He **KNEW** he should probably ask Lucy first, but he really didn't think she'd mind and he'd take the tongue-lashing tonight. He'd just explain his belief that the alien children needed help. Lucy was kind, if a little overwhelmed by her husband's need to fix everything all the time, so he knew she'd only need a small amount of convincing. "Anyway..." He trailed off, but carefully turned on the regenerator. Maybe it would help a bit? It was worth a try. He placed it carefully, gently, near the baby, and waited a few moments. The noise seemed to frighten the baby, as she tucked into Roger's chest, where she still lay.

Holding out his arms for his daughter, Syvar hesitated. "Maybe... maybe until Amelia gets back? I mean, Commander Fox. She's their mother..." He cradled his other daughter to his chest.

" In some aspects Syvar, infants are the same regardless of the species. " Said C'Tora. " They all depend on their sense of smell to bond with their parents. They also tend to be able to sense the emotional state of those around them, as well as external stimulus. But I don't need to tell you that. Right now things here in Sickbay are pretty slow, So I'm placing you on light duty until your wife returns from her assignment or we can put your daughters in the nursery or in the care of Doctor Harrison's wife as he so kindly offered. But right now your daughters need their father, and there is nothing more precious then family. " Said the large Caitian with a serious expression. " If there's one thing in all this galaxy that's worth fighting for, It's family. "

"Yes sir," the youngest doctor present answered quietly, "but I expect to be called upon in case of emergency...and I'll contact Mrs. Harrison...but I appreciate the light duty sir...I'm their father, their primary caretaker should be me right now. Especially if they're this unsettled."

" Well of course I'll call upon you in case of emergency. " Said C'Tora with a look of amusement in his eye. " If it comes down to a all hands on deck type of situation, We'll have your daughters in the nursery where they can be tended to. and of course I'm going to give you light duty, Your wife is o an away team mission and as you said, your the primary caregiver for your children. I'd do the same thing for anyone in this department that was in the same situation, But if you need any help with your daughters then don't hesitate to let us know and we'll get something worked out to help you. " He said with a grin.

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