R&R - Styx Outpost 2

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The Andromeda returns from their trip to an alternative universe to DS21 for repairs, much needed R&R and to take on new crew.

Time changes everything

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Armed with the first ever Starfleet inter universal crossings team, the Andromeda tests getting another "Gateway" to work. with intel of its location given by contacts in the agora crossroads.

The area of the old Techne Empire is thwart with ghost stories and wildly avoided by the other native civilisations in the area.

What will they find?

Pandoras box

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After the discovery of number “6” the Andromeda travels via the gateway system to the Techne system, following Lt. Ethan Smiths discovery where the tiara was found. Hoping to find additional artefacts, the Andromeda find more than that.

Ancient science experiments and the release of virus strains that give C’Tora a headache, they also discover a time dialation device. Who or what is in that bubble?

Mission 4 - Race against the machine

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A planet Killer is waking up..... and heading for Bak'u


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The USS Andromeda is docked at Starbase 308 receiving engineering work and upgrades and awaits her new crew

Mission 1 - In the pale moonlight ...

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The USS Andromeda embarks on her first mission. Leaving the Starbase we set off into the Beta Quadrant ready to investigate something that Starfleet has seen a visual of but has no clue what it is. The object is in an area of space which is also perfect for setting up a long range communications relay. So both Science and engineering will have plenty to do.

Meanwhile Reynolds and his crew try to find out more about the So'Na splinter group who made their presence felt at the diplomatic reception.

Mission 2 - The Agora crossroads

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The crew of the Andromeda receive an invitation from an unknown source to visit an alien trading post. Keen to make some allies and connections, not to mention for security and intel to get some information we take a trip to the Agora Crossroads.

Mission 3 - Whom gods destroy ...

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The Andromeda crew set course to the coordinates from the monolith they encountered on their first mission and are shocked at their findings.

R&R - after facing the Planet Killer

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Well earned R&R on starbase 308 for a few weeks. Please feel free to engage is some awesome personal arcs.

Mission 5 - Season of the Witch?

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The USS Andromeda is ordered to transport routine supplies to a newly established Federation colony in the Beta Quadrant. Reynolds is contacted on route and informed no one has been responding to communications to send their ETA. The crew arrive and find a very strange situation. Everyone in the entire colony seems to have reverted to a childlike mentality. The Andromeda away team and crew needs to investigate why and hopefully reverse the process before they too sub crumb to the same fate.

Patching up the Copernicus

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The Andromeda is asked to come aid repairs for Captain Haistro and the USS Copernicus.

Picking up the pieces

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R&R - Styx Outpost

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Through the looking glass

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Mirror Universe mission