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In With the New

Posted on 05 Jun 2019 @ 2:53am by Lieutenant Mitchell Graham & Commander Amelia Fox

Mission: Shakedown
Location: Main shuttlebay
Timeline: MD4 0900
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Amelia stood at the far end of the shuttlebay watching as the shuttle came in and landed. Their new flight control officer, as well as some other crew members, was arriving. Amelia was here to give out assignments and show Lieutenant Graham to his quarters.

The medium sized passenger shuttle entered the bay and settled into a momentary hover. Then it touched down on the deck. The whine of the thrusters gradually subsided. A minute later the rear ramp came down. Passengers disembarked, looking weary from the long flight but eager to report in.

The pilot, Lt. Mitchell Graham, was the last to exit the small craft. He recognized Amelia, having seen all the senior staff's bios before today. "Lieutenant Graham reporting in, ma'am," he said to the XO.

Amelia held out her hand "Welcome aboard, Lieutenant. I've just got to deal with a few crew members then I'll show you to your quarters."

"Of course," Graham said with a look of mild surprise. He stood aside, his canvas bag at his feet.

The shuttle occupants were milling around the shuttle talking among themselves. Amelia frowned for a moment the shouted "Attention!" The dozen crew suddenly stopped and snapped to attention.

"Much better. Now crewmen Phillips, Jones and Mitchel, report to Lieutenant Karakalakss in engineering. The rest you, Ensign Young here has your assignments. If you go with him, he'll get you set up."

Amelia turned back to Lieutenant Graham "Right then, if you'd like to follow me."

"Yes, ma'am," Graham said with a good-natured smile. He shouldered his bag and fell into step with the CO as the two exited the shuttle bay.

"I didn't expect to be personally welcomed by the First Officer," he remarked. "A yeoman could have pointed me in the right direction."

"I'm making it a priority to meet all the new officers as they come onboard, after all i've got to sort out the duty rota at the end of the day. Besides, I find it makes for a better bridge environment, wouldn't you agree?"

"No objection from me," the helmsman answered.

The pair entered a turbo lift and Amelia addressed the computer "Deck 8". As the lift began to move she continued "I'll see you to your quarters. The ship is is in final preparation for launch, just watch the paintwork on the space doors." She added with a wry smile. "So, should I be fitting seat belts to the bridge chairs or do you prefer smooth flying?"

"It depends on whether you want me to do it with or without a blindfold," he said.

Amelia chuckled. "Without will do fine, Lieutenant." The turbolift came to a halt and the doors opened. "Just one more thing... " Amelia added as they walked. "Are you aware of the incident on the Starbase? The bombing of the reception by a faction of rogue Son'a calling themselves 'The Cetea'. We've had press sniffing round trying to get information. The Captain and I agree that until we know more facts, that no one on the crew should be talking to the press."

Graham had heard about it, but having literally just gotten off the boat, he didn't know any more about the details than the average news reader. In fact this was the first time he had heard of the Cetea. It made sense that the brass didn't want anyone talking about it. Best not to spread rumors. "If anyone asks I will refer them to the base public affairs officer," he promised.

They arrived at Grahams quarters. "Well here we are. I'll let you get settled in. Is there anything before I go?

Graham pressed the entry button on the bulkhead panel. The doors swooshed open to reveal his new quarters. He leaned inside but did not enter. Everything looked in its proper place, so no immediate gripes. In fact, the place was much bigger than he had expected. Suddenly he felt like an actual member of a ship's senior staff. Moving up in the world. "This will do, I suppose. Care to meet me for a drink in Ten Forward later this evening? You know, to make for a better bridge environment?"

Amelia smiled. "Sounds good, Lieutenant. Shall we say 1900? And onboard the Andromeda they've named Ten Forward The Medusa's head bar. No doubt I'll see you on the bridge before, but if not, I'll see you then."

"See you then." The doors closed.


●● Lieutenant Amelia Fox
Executive Officer
USS Andromeda

●● Lieutenant Mitchell Graham
Chief Flight Control Officer
USS Andromeda


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