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Posted on 25 Feb 2023 @ 10:18pm by Captain Jonathan Reynolds

Its been a while since I did a website update. Usually we get all our comms. in discord or the fleet but I need to welcome some new players and say some sad goodbyes to some Characters.

Current changes:

We welcomed both Lieutenant JG James Ryan Jr as our new Chief Ops Officer and Lieutenant JG Roger Harrison Jr as our new Assistant Chief Medical Officer.

I have tonight during this years Khitomer Conference done some advertising and I do have good intentions of updating the facebook page also.

We are currently closing down the mission Throught the Looking glass and moving on to some long awaited R&R at DS21

We sadly say our goodbyes to crewmen Michael Hawkins and Xu Chang Lau, our late CEO and COO. Luckily both writers are still with us just wanting a change in character.



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