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Unanswered Questions

Posted on 04 Jun 2019 @ 3:15am by Captain Jonathan Reynolds & Commander Amelia Fox

Mission: Shakedown
Location: USS Andromeda
Timeline: MD 4 0700
692 words - 1.4 OF Standard Post Measure


The transporter hummed into life and two figures materialized on the pad. Amelia and the Captain. The first Officer was in mid conversation which she continued as they walked out of the room

".... We still don't know how they got past station security. I contacted Starfleet Intelligence after the incident, apparently they are a small faction of Son'a that didn't return to the Ba'ku home world and have established a base in an unexplored section of the Beta quadrant. They blame the Federation for something, I'm not sure what and they seem hell bent on causing trouble. But this is the first time they have made waves to this extent."

"Well they are obviously organised and been planning. That timing was deliberate," Jon said his face still bleeding.

His comm. badge chirped. =^=Reynolds=^= he answered.

=^=Commander, this is Starbase medical. I am afraid to report your security chief is in a coma after his altercation with one of the terrorists=^=

=^=Thank you. Please keep me informed of any progress. Reynolds out=^=

Jon looked at Amelia. "Damn it. Ready room I think number one."

"I think sir you should really get your face looked at. Maybe you should swing by sickbay."

"Ive been plenty boxing matches. It can wait," Jon stated firmly.

Upon arrival of his ready room, Jon reached into a drawer and pulled out a bottle. "So much for Bon voyage. Saurian brandy number one. Take the edge off?" he suggested.

"Just the one then Sir." Amelia took the glass and knocked it back in a single draft.

"Sir ensign Brooks here, I have station security wanting to speak with you."

"Patch them through," Jon nodded. He discreetly moved his glass out of view of the screen and motioned Amelia to come round and participate in the discussion.

"Commander we have managed to get the female in custody but she is refusing to talk. The only words we have managed to get from her is "Long live the Cetea."

"Cetea," Jons brow fumbled. "That's a familiar word somehow."

Amelia frowned "It doesn't sound like a name typical of the Son'a. Is it the name of their group?"

"Seems that way, I know that name, I just can't put my finger on it," Jon said frustrated.

Amelia raised an eyebrow "It seems this Son'a group have a flair for the dramatic."

"Well they certainly have impeccable timing," Jon said dryly.

Amelia sat down opposite her Captain. "So what's the game plan Sir?"

"We need intel," Jon said simply. "We need to set up a network and find out everything we can. If they are out there, where we are going in the Beta Quadrant I don't want to get caught on the back end of something worse than a bomb. And if they are on your station," he said seriously to the Ensign Brooks, "You don't want a repeat of last night.

Someone HAS to know something on the station for them to do that parlour trick with the graffiti and even get onboard. You guys need to turn everything over here and get to the bottom of it, and equally we will be your eyes and ears out there. They have to be hiding somewhere. Whoever we encounter someone's got to know something."

The Ensign nodded. "I'll look into the matter and get back to you when we have information. Brooks out."

Amelia snorted, "I bet they are still embarrassed for being caught with their pants down, so its going to be up to us sir. With your permission, we have new officers coming onboard. I need to make preparations for their arrival and sort out the new duty roster.

"Fox," Jon said looking over his message. "The press are sniffing around for blood, anything. Not a word. Make sure the rest of the crew share that understanding. Until we know some facts, we don't want this blowing up further." He frowned. "No pun intended."

Amelia nodded, "Aye know thy enemy and know thy self and you shall always be victorious."

Jon nodded, "Dismissed number one."


Commander Jonathan Reynolds
Commanding Officer
USS Andromeda

Lieutenant Amelia Fox
XO, USS Andromeda


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