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The Counselor is in

Posted on 09 Jun 2019 @ 9:15pm by Commander Amelia Fox & Lieutenant Commander True Keading
Edited on on 09 Jun 2019 @ 10:51pm

Mission: Shakedown
Location: Shuttle Bay/Various Corridors
Timeline: MD4 1045
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Amelia had managed to get through most of the work on her desk. There were just one or two PADDs left for new officers she hadn't greeted yet. Having just seen the new science officer, Amelia looked and saw their new Counselor was just arriving. She set off from her office.

True got out of the shuttle and glanced around. Another ship, another day. It seemed like a good thing to repeat to herself. The single bag she'd brought with her had mementos of her journeys and the people she'd met but it held nothing of Gavin. He was someone she needed to forget. She'd given back the Bajoran pledge bracelet, packed her things and left. But that was in the past and it didn't belong in the present. She took a big breath, let it out without shedding a tear and wondered where she was supposed to be.

Amelia entered the shuttlebay and saw the young blond woman in a blue uniform and made her way over. She held out her hand “Welcome aboard the Andromeda. I’m Lieutenant Fox, the XO.” She stopped and looked around suddenly. “Ahhh there’s no small blue dragons this time.” Then off her look, she sighed realising that she had just made herself look like a crazy person in front of their new therapist. She quickly explained “You can thank our science officer for that. I thought someone had spiked my coffee when he came into my office with a small dragon. Have you any pets?”

True chuckled. "Oh, Aidan's here? It's all right, I know about Sherlock. We've met before. And no, I don't have any pets currently but I was hoping to maybe get a kitten sometime in the future. Pleasure to meet you," True took the hand.

"Likewise Counselor." Amelia replied giving a firm handshake. " I was thinking of getting a cat myself. A bit safer then a dragon don't you think? I've got your assignment information and general ship information here for you." She handed over the PADD she was carrying. "Did you have a pleasant journey?"

"I've heard that Sherlock can be protective but I've never seen him misbehave other than the occasional teasing. Thank you," True said, responding to what she'd been given. "Journey was . . . long and short. A long time to think about things and a short time to come to come to terms with them. That's usually how it goes." She gave another smile. "But I'm happy to be here."

Amelia smiled "Good. Well i hope you're well rested as I'm in need of your talents right away. Have you heard about the incident on the Starbase? The reception was bombed by a rouge group of Son'a calling themselves The Cetea. We have very little information on them at the moment but Starbase security dose have one in custody. We're going to need a psyche profile on this group, do you think you're up to it?

"Rumors mostly, I'd hate to comment on something I haven't had a chance to study but I would be happy to help in any way I can sir. Or do you prefer ma'am?" True kept pace with her as they started to move.

Amelia carried on as they walked. “The trouble is rumors is all that’s anyone has heard but, we need more. You have access to all the security footage from the reception and from the interrogation of the captured Son’a. All they managed to get of her is ‘Long live The Cetea’. I’m going to see if they can transfer the Son’a to the Andromeda so we can question them. We need to know what’s driving these people. I can’t even understand their resentment toward the Ba’ku. They could have gone back with the rest of the Son’a so why didn’t they? And why this hostility towards the Federation? We need to know what their endgame is. Anything you could come up with would be helpful. And no ma’am please, it makes me feel old, and off duty Amelia is just fine.”

"True." She replied. "That's what most people call me anyway." Except for her former captain. True let out a small sigh about that but didn't let it stop the flow of the conversation. "Well I'll start immediately, just point me in the right direction." It could be just what she needed, a distraction from her troubles and she knew that if other people were in danger she wouldn't hesitate to do her job without a thought for herself.

As they had been walking and talking, including a tubolift journey they had arrived at True's quarters. Amelia pressed the door button and they slid open reveling her living room. "I believe this is yours. All the information you need is on that PADD. I'm going to contact Starbase in regards to the prisoner transfer. Is there anything else?"

"No, thank you Ameiia. I appreciate the warm welcome."

"I'll let you get settled in then." Amelia smiled and left.


●● Lieutenant Amelia Fox
Executive Officer
USS Andromeda

●● Lieutenant True Keading
Chief Counselor
USS Andromeda


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