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A little bit worrisome

Posted on 07 Aug 2022 @ 2:09pm by Civilian Iola Hawkins

Mission: Through the looking glass
Location: Quarters
Timeline: Before Briefing
1445 words - 2.9 OF Standard Post Measure


Michael sought out Iola, a rather worried expression in his eyes. He needed to give her a heads up as to what was happening. "Iola... I've got something to tell you." pulling her in for an embrace. "I don't quite know how to tell you except for, telling you outright. The Andromeda has been pulled into another universe that is more dangerous than ours. We refer it as the Mirror Universe."

She searched his face, reaching up to touch it and feel his worry. "More dangerous than being a slave?" she asked quietly, "I don't understand. What is this mirror universe?" Though she wasn't stupid, she was reasonably uneducated on worldly or even universal views, and a mirror universe wasn't something she had heard of before in her sheltered prior life.

"It is a Universe which is more harsher than what it is in our Universe. I could be a slave working in the mines, while you may not be alive. Or even worse I could be dead or a very evil man. Or even a slave working for a cruel person. Or for that matter I could also very well be a merchant or a smuggler living out a rather interesting life and not even know who you are." Michael responded. "It is most definitely something that we need to be careful of. But I just wanted to let you know and hopefully nothing awful happens."

Iola nodded though fear was visible in her eyes. "Are you going to have to see these people?" she asked, "what are the chances I have to meet any of them?" She touched his cheek, her slender hand trembling. "I don't want to lose you, not when I just found you. I am not envoy here....I cannot meet these people..."

" I do not think I will be doing so, I'll be here on the ship, checking to see if there was any damage when we got pulled into this universe. " Michael giving a comforting smile. "And I definitely do not see you needing to meet them either."

Relief washed over the young woman's face at that news. She reached for his hands, just needing some form of comfort that wasn't an embrace. Besides, she found that talking while hugging wasn't the best way to communicate. "I see no reason either... but I want to be useful if I cannot meet people. What can I do now?" Worry creased her brow again. "If we not need to meet people... who does? We cannot... not talk to people, can we? We be noticed anyway?"

"That is a good possiblity. And I really do not know what or who my counterpart would be. Don't know if he would be good or bad, who knows." Giving a slight sigh at the thought, but instead, pulled Iola close in for another embrace.

Snuggling into the embrace, Iola closed her eyes. "I have a bad feeling about this," she said softly, turning her head slowly to look up at him. "You are good man," she finally said, "I cannot think of you as a bad man. You honest, and loving." She reached up, smiling now. "And all mine. I do not want to think of counterpart."

He grinned, "yes I am all yours, though I do have that idle curiosity of what my counterpart would be like. Is he a gentleman or a rough and tumble fighter and loves to fight. Gets into scrapes or even a hired mercenary or even, a freedom fighter hunted by those in authority right now." he looked thoughtful at his musings.

"Should fantasy always become real?" Iola mused, "I do not want to know my counterpart. I have all I need right here. Some dreams should stay dreams, I think this is one." She paused. "But if you really need to know, then you need to know."

Michael could only shrug, "I do understand your feelings on this, Iola. But still there is that question of mine, how would I have turned out if I hadn't had the upbringing I had with my parents?" placing another kiss upon Iola's lips.

"I know," she smiled, savouring the kiss. "Is why I support you wanting to know. If you want to, then you need to find out. But do not want to know other Iola. I am free woman now, I already know being slave. Bit I support your choice. Only one promise....come home safe."

"I won't be going anywhere unless the Captain sends me out there, my main concern right now is making certain the ship hasn't suffered any damage from us being flung into this universe. Before that I needed to come check on you, while on my break." Michael giving a grin. "You won't need to worry about my going out to meet my counterpart."

"Then I will not." Perhaps it was a too simple response but if he told her she didn't need to worry, then who was she to worry? "Can I help, repairing damage? I need something to do... I need... useful?"

Michael looked at Iola for a moment, then he smiled. "We will need to get you some coveralls, but I don't mind having you come with me and learn and help out. I've always been of the mindset that everyone needs to know a little bit of learning repair work." rising up and holding out his hand. "Let's get you something to wear that we won't have to worry about getting dirty. And probably get something to cover your hair as well just to keep your beautiful locks from getting dirty as well."

"I want to learn, I want to learn new things, not just be envoy. Crossroads will not forever need me. You do." Her smile widened. "I don't mind dirty, I can get clean after. I can wear uniform, no ranks, right? Anyone can show me their job? Show me how? Teach me basics?"

Michael gave a laugh, "Yes, they can help you learn different things. And I am glad you are wanting to do this, and you are right. Crossroads won't need you forever as life will change, and you will someday meet my family." pulling her in for another kiss.

"I want to meet your family. Will they accept me? I not human, former slave...not Starfleet.. what if we have children?" She looked hopeful. "Do you want children? Not now but... eventually?*

"Eventually yes I do want children." Michael giving a smile to his lady love. "And I believe that they will accept you. If not, it will be their loss especially once we have children they won't be able to see their grandkids." Michael paused, "However, My parents are not bigoted. In fact once they meet you, I will have trouble getting you to myself for a few." he laughed. "They will find you adorable, beautiful, and very glad that I found someone special."

"Don has accepted you," Iola smiled, "he is almost my father, he raised me. And he has released me, to you." She leaned in to kiss his cheek. "And you will have me to yourself, isn't that our call to make?"

"It is but my family is a close knit one, and my mother has been hoping I'd find someone who makes me happy. And that is you." pulling Iola close, with a chuckle. "My family will love you." he kissed her tenderly then said "Lets have dinner and then we'll get your gear together for tomorrow we'll start your training."

"After your shift," Iola said, a stern look on her face. "And we call family? Talk to mother?"

Michael shook his head. "Can't do that as of yet, we're in the mirror universe right now so, we can't contact them as of yet. Not knowing anything about my mirror person, it really wouldn't be good to reveal ourselves right now. We will have to wait."

"Oh right," she answered in disappointment, though how could she have forgotten this already? "As soon as we get back then," she smiled, "but for now...focus on work. On learning, on being useful." She so desperately wanted to be useful.

"Come on love lets go get you outfitted now, before I get called into a meeting." Michael giving her one more kiss, then took her by the hand and led the way towards Engineering where he could get her geared up. Sure he could just replicate it in their quarters but, it made things more official and probably fun for her to see what goes on.


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