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Posted on 17 Nov 2020 @ 11:07am by Lieutenant C'Tora Kuroka
Edited on 17 Nov 2020 @ 11:16am

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Lieutenant JG C'Tora Kuroka
Andromeda CMO
Personal Quarters

By all the Gods and Goddesses! The Universe has thrown me into a whirlwind of chaos and who knows where this will stop?

Ever since I stepped aboard the Andromeda to replace the retiring CMO, my life has been non-stop here. I arrived here and barely knew
two people, and we run into a planet killer. A freaking planet killer! The last time a federation starship ran into one of those, was the old
NCC-1701 Enterprise under the command of James T. Kirk.

I transferred to the Andromeda from the Europa, a good ship and crew. The Andromeda, Europa and the Majestic were together and the only force standing between the planet killer and a populated planet, that itself was a daunting task. We lost the Europa in the incident, luckily the entire crew survived. Nor did it help that several other species were trying to claim that mechanical monster as their own and trying to prevent it's destruction.
It's a miracle an interstellar war didn't break out because of that thing. I hope that there are no more of those things left in the galaxy.

Life returned to normal on the ship, only a little more crowded. Both the Andromeda and the Majestic each had half of the Europa's crew, and Sickbay was busier then usual. Physicals, childbirths, Ailments, Injuries both work related and recreational, And I still have to talk to the Captian about setting up some space for a hydroponics herb garden for Medicinal and cooking purposes.

Now we arrive at the heart of the Maelstrom, Starbase 308. My life would change forever in ways I never imagined. Unbeknownst to me, both my parents were attending a medical symposium. Not unusual since both are federation doctors, and of course my mother being the eternal matchmaker for any mammal that walks upright was there. Being the eldest child and the ONLY one that was still unmarried, mother couldn't have that and got to work and introduced me to her two assistants.

My mother's assistants, S'Hull and R'Nera are two of the most arrogant and annoying female caitians I have ever met. My friend Natasha Blackthorn provided me with a much needed distraction and I was able to make an escape. I still owe her a favor for that. I escaped in to the recreational hiking trails. I found a large tree and climbed up to a large branch to rest. Imagine my surprise when I see another Caitian already there! I lost my grip and fell about ten meters and sprained my ankle.

The other caitian came down and began treating my injury, we looked up at the same time at each other. Her eyes tore into me and buffeted my soul with the winds of a thousand storms, I had found my soulmate. And I was not the only one feeling that way, I could tell from her scent that she was feeling the same as well. I guess this is what humans call love at first sight. M'Tarra! The vision of caitian beauty and perfection stood before my eyes and I was helpless, nor did I seek rescue of my soul drowning in her eyes. I thought I had awaken from my dream but she was still there, As real as anything I've ever encountered in my life.

But the Universe or the Gods and Goddesses weren't quite done with me yet. M'Tarra received a combadge message to meet her parents at docking bay five. Since we just cleared from Sickbay and having my ankle treated and the docking bay was close by I accompanied M'Tarra to meet her parents. Shortly thereafter my parents using the computer to locate my combadge showed up on scene. The parents talked while we watched and soon came to an agreement. The six of us hunted, we feasted and then we wed. My M'Tarra, my love and my soulmate. She is all these things and more. If this is a dream then I hope I never wake from it.

I don't know where this crazy ride the Universe is taking me on is going, But as long as I have M'Tarra by my side, the destination doesn't matter.


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