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New kid on the block

Posted on 25 Nov 2020 @ 9:53am by Lieutenant C'Tora Kuroka

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Personal Log: Liuttenant JG C'Tora Kuroka
CMO USS Andromeda

Well it has most certainly been an interesting day. Had a talk with the Captain about transferring my new bride to the Andromeda, Thankfully which he approved. We retrieved M'Tarra's gear and brought it aboard and stowed it in my quarters, we'll have to get some of her personal effects shipped to us at a later date.

I then took M'Tarra to the sickbay and labs area to introduce her to the team. They were pleasant in greeting the new member of the crew, and the something odd happened, well at least to me it was. The room seemed to be shocked into a stunned silence when I mentioned that she was my new wife. The room then exploded into a chorus of congrats and other well wishes. Every single nurse in the room a few of the female doctors and a few of the lab techs swarmed about M'Tarra chattering away happily and took her into the next room for some private girl talk.

Regardless the culture it seems when a female gets married, all the other females rally around her in happiness, support and friendship, even if they've never met before. Regardless the race, species or culture, It seems females share a sisterhood that males will never seem to understand. It has been about an hour and M'Tarra is now returning to our quarters. This day has held so many first for me today and this day isn't even over yet.

End Log


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