There's a fifth ....

Posted on 01 Oct 2021 @ 8:11pm by Captain Jonathan Reynolds

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Jon had pulled on clothes and was still ... what was he? Stunned. Confused. Embarrassed Harper had run out on him and slapped his face .....

"Computer record Captains log,"

"Working," came the reply.

"The Andromedas night crew found another obelisk, albeit smaller than the first we encountered in our arrival into this area of space in the Beta quadrant. It seems it too is having an effect on staff. Or at least me,"

His eyes flickered to the end of his bed where Harper had left her hair tie in her angry departure. He picked it up absently and carried on talking.

"It was a goddess. There can be no doubt. The connection albeit slightly different energy to what I have experienced personally in my communing's .... was a goddess.

How can this be? My people only have four. Yet tonight I met a fifth. And she needs something. Somehow via that Obelisk she's trying to give us a message or calling for help.

There's a connection here, not just I feel with this part of space which part of that connection looked like there was another colony of Betaziods. No .... this ..... Its bigger than that.

The first one ... the nightmares ... it was all about an ancient war. An enemy so frightening it had me fleeing to the counselor in the middle of the night not to mention spooking and terrifying every other person on this ship.

I'm getting on to the Betazoid government to make them aware. This is huge and I cannot fathom the impact and outcome of this news.

Reynolds out."

He sighed determined to start making calls, then stopped to look at his goddess figures. "Well girls. Looks like I'm going to have to replicate another one to join you on the shelf."




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