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Down There

Posted on 22 Feb 2021 @ 3:37am by Ensign Syvar MD

I need to get down there... I know I can't, and probably shouldn't but Amelia is down there and something is wrong. I don't know how or where, or even why, but something is terribly wrong.

Syvar paced his quarters, to the point of all but wearing the carpet thin. His face was a mask of worry, his usually bright eyes dull with concern.

She called me, said she wanted to play but I don't understand. The way she sounded, it felt as if she were a small child. Nothing like my wife at all. But who to tell that I want to go there? Who would keep me if I did? I need to go, and I need to go now!

The Vulcan tossed a few necessities into a bag, including a medical kit, and strapped a phaser and his tricorder to his belt. He didn't really know how yet, but he had to find a way. Amelia needed him!

I'm coming for you my love, I promised to keep you and our child safe, and I will! End log!


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