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Workout at Tyrene's Gym Part 2

Posted on 24 May 2019 @ 3:16pm by Captain Jonathan Reynolds & Lieutenant JG Lilura Karakalakss

Mission: Shakedown
Location: SB308 Senior Officer's Recreation Lounge 7
Timeline: MD3 1330 hours
1824 words - 3.6 OF Standard Post Measure

Previously on "Workout at Tyrene's Gym Part 1:

Lilura smiled to Jon when he walked over, but her ears and eyebrows showed incredulity at Jon's first question to her. She took the towel to dab at her neck and brow, even though she really didn't need to as she finished listening to his next statements. Realization dawned upon her face as she handed the towel back. She whispered to him, "Ahh, I thought they gave me more time to have a chance to warm up, even though I don't need it." She looked over at Shol, then tapped Jon on his shoulder with her tail, "Let it go, let's see how far they take it. I read Shol's body when he picked that weight up, I can take him. Have fun betting, and please add some for me as custom footwear costs.. a lot."

Jon grinned. "You got it Lieutenant."

And now the conclusion …...

With both contestants showing ready, Nirem and Droxive began setting up the next weights. They put on another 125 kg on the free weight bars. Nirem called out, "We have 350, repeat, 350 kg. Place your bets, all, place your bets."

The betting this time was a little more animated. Several people realized their bets were no longer valid as the Dragon Lady had shown a really smooth clean and jerk, and held it without any shaking. However, all bets on the outcome were closed down. Nope, the bets now were on current weight and if the contestants could life or not. Gorman came over to Jon. "Hey there, Andromeda Captain. Ready to place your bet on if your lady can lift this or not? As initial rounds of power lifting, there is a limit of 50 lat max"

"What kind of a Captain would I be if I don't show complete faith in my people," he said his face completely unreadable. He could sense the man and a few watching were curious if he knew something they didn't. But sod them, they shouldn't have been rude to his Engineer. "Another 50 Lat on the Lady."

Gorman called out, "All bets are in. Contestants, at the ready. Shol, when your set, go."

Shol smirked. Almost Everybody here knew he could handle this amount. Last time he got into a contest, it didn't get past 400 Kg as the Vulcan he was against maxed out there while he lifted 425 right after that. He knew he could lift over 500 kg, this lady didn't stand a chance. He reached down, then clean and jerked the weight past his shoulders and on up to balanced upright without any hesitation. Ambery called out, "Mark!". Shol now put the weight down in a fluid motion.

Lilura waited for Ambery to motion to her, and then it was her turn. She reached around the bar and lifted. As she did, there was a light hesitation as her hands passed by at eye level. Still, her hands and arms never stopped and so it was considered a proper clean and jerk and once more she had the weights over her head. She waited for a few seconds and then Ambery called out, "Mark!". Lilura fluidly put the weight set down as well. Lilura did a light shrug to Jon as Ambery this time had held her less than before, but still longer than Shol. What nobody knew is that Lilura deliberately had hesitated on the way up to make the betting more in Jon's favor. Her excuse was, if asked, that she had noticed a scuff on the polish on one of her nails.

Shol called out, "Did you want to go again, Lilura?" Lilura called back, "Of course, we both lifted the weights, yes? I am not ready to call it quits."

Nirem and Droxive began setting up the next weights. They put on another 75 kg on the free weight bars. Nirem called out, "We have 425, repeat, 425 kg. Is this alright with the Contestants?" Both nodded. Nirem smiled and said, "Alright, Place your bets, all, place your bets."

Jon shook his head in a very small movement. That Andorians pride would be his downfall one day. Today he was just going to get embarrassed.

With all bets in, once again the contestants faced each other. This time, when Shol lifted his weights, their upward motion was slower as well as his body could be seen to actually be working at it this time. However, while a slight hesitation at the chest for shifting his arms from over to under, everything was still considered a clean and jerk. With Lilura, it was similar as last time. If she was straining, or her body working harder, no one could tell as there didn't seem to be any change in her musculature physique.

When the weights were being put on, there was a small conference between Shol and Arthur. Arthur went over and whispered to Nirem and Droxive. They switched up weights, then called out, "Weight is now at 520 Kg for each contestant. Place your bets, final bets here. What happens is what happens. Stipulate what your bets are for, please."

Lilura motioned Jon over to her. She whispered in his ear, "I can lift this, then I will make a stand and ask for 755 Kg. Not to worry, I can lift over 800. Make you're bet appropriately. Oh, in my bag is 100 Latinum.. my contribution."

Ambery came over to Jon, "Okay, Captain, final bets, no limits. How much pride and trust do you have in your engineer, hrmm?"

"Completely behind her," Jon said firmly. "Maximum bet please."

With all bets in, once again the contestants faced each other. This time, when lifting up, Shol's muscles could be seen buldging as he strained to pick up the max weight he had ever done. He managed to get it up to his shoulders and shifted under it, this time bending his legs to get under it and shift it to be resting on his chest. He took in his breath, then pushed up and over his head, struggling to maintain his balance. However, he did it, and shortly Ambery called, "Mark." He brought the weight down to his chest, then shoved out and away as the weights thudded with a hard thwack into the catching mat. He grinned as his crew congratulated him on the most weight he had ever lifted. He turned to Lilura and snarled out, "Beat That, you... errrr, just, beat that."

Lilura set herself ready before the bar. But before she could signal to Ambery that she was ready, somebody in the crowd, began calling out, "Double or nothing... double or nothing...", with others in the crowd joining in. Lilura waved her hand in a slow motion across her chest. The crowd quieted.

Lilura looked at the weights, then at Shol's crew. She went to the bar and lifted it, just a touch, thinking about the weight there. She now looked over at Arthur and his crew and said, "Tell you what, I do believe I can lift this, but it isn't worth double or nothing. How about we add, say, 10% more and then wager double or nothing? If I lift, you pay me and my captain double. If I don't we turn in all our bets for nothing. What do you way?"

Shol growled but Arthur shook his head and they conferred. Shol turned and said, "You got it, Double or nothing, for 40% more weight. Nirem, Droxive, load up the weights."

Lilura looked very surprised. She called out, saying, "Wait, wait, where the hell did 40% come from? I said 10%."

Athur grinned and said, "Well, we're going to counter 20, and then double or nothing should make it 40, right? So 40% more weight it is. Common, Doll, you wanted double or nothing. So try it... or not. If you don't try, we win. If you try and fail, we win. If you lift, well, you've earned the double or nothing." He looked at everyone, "And, of course, betting is closed down as of the last ready to lift. This is the final round, so tough."

Lilura glowered at Arthur and his crew while the crowd murmured among themselves. This was cheating, yet, how Arthur and his crew had done it left little room for Lilura to cry fowl. Nirem called out, "730 Kg loaded and ready."

The female next to Jon bumped his shoulder and said, "For shame what they just did... I hope she can do this.. that group needs put in their place.. but its wishful thinking, huh."

"You tell me who is their captain and which ship?" Jon said angrily at the unfair play. "I will be putting a word in as to their ungentlemanly behavior."

She answered, "They are on the USS Biko, an Oberth Class Fleet Supply vessel, and the Captain is Captain Wilhelm Schiller."

"Thanks," he smiled at the lady. "I will make a note of that."

Lilura went to the bar, looked at it, then sighed. She prepared herself, and then reached down to grab the bar. She lifted, and this time her muscles could be seen to be tightening under her furred skin, but, not bulging. The bar traveled up to her shoulders and she quickly got her arms under it with barely a hesitation and then the bar continued up to be over her head. She held it there, steady as she waited for Ambery to call mark. Arthur and his crew were dumbfounded at Lilura having the weight over her head even as Ambery was standing there with her mouth open.

Jon merely started clapping and as others decided to follow suit, he turned to Arthur, "Well I believe you owe us …." he couldn't calculate it in his head right now, "A hell of a lot of money."

Lt. Commander Rachel Ellison, who had been standing beside Jon, yelled out, "Lt. Ambery, release Lilura's mark, she is still holding the weight above her head."

Ambery shook her head and called out, "Mark!". Lilura, who had been patiently waiting with the weight above her head, now moved her tail around to help with it as she quickly, but gently, lowered it to the ground. She moved over beside Jon to exclaim, "I do believe my Captain is right. Double or nothing, you forced me into it, and now you reap the consequences. Our money please..."

Lt. Gorman came over and counted out the monies to Jon. It came out to 6200 Latinum bars, of which 3100 came directly from Arthur and his gang. Lilura easily picked up the two duffel bags of earnings and smiled to Jon, saying, "Take these to your Quarters, Captain?"

"How's about we take one to my quarters and one to yours," Jon said smiling. "Then you can buy as many custom shoes as you need Lieutenant. I more than made my stake back and then some."


●○ Lieutenant JG Lilura Siana Karakalakss
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USS Andromeda

●●● Commander Jonathan Reynolds
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