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MU M'Tara and MU C'Tora

Posted on 24 Jul 2022 @ 8:10pm by Lieutenant C'Tora Kuroka

Mission: Through the looking glass
Location: Somewhere
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M'Tara stretched, and yawned as she laid in bed, it had been a glorious night. She looked towards the broad back of her mate. "C'Tora what is on the agenda today? Will we be overseeing the human slaves once again? Or will we be patrolling the station and seeing that all is secure? Or do we have another shipment to examine? I hope it won't be another shipment of smelly slaves, they need to be hosed down if we are going to put them to work."

C'Tora glanced up at his mate. " I know what you mean my love, that last batch reeked. Now we've got to get them prettied up and trained so they can please the clients and turn us some latinum. And some time I've got to go over the books again and make sure we're still on our projected timeline for the expansion. " C'Tora leaned back in his chair and closed his eyes. " Oh, I forgot to tell you. Gul Vedak is going to be dropping by and wants a pair of young Bajorian girls to take care of his needs. I suppose he'll want to bathe them first, but he does pay well for his kinks. " Said C'Tora with a grin. " If they have the latinum, we provide the pleasure. "

"Gul Vedak? Why are we still dealing with him? I would rather shred him to pieces instead of working with him more. Have you seen how he looks at me?" she gave a shiver at that memory. " I am sure he wishes he can bed me, after killing you." she snarled.

" The only reason we deal with him is he pays well." Said C'Tora. " If he bothers you that much, then I'll have one of the young girls he's with fitted with a micro explosive. " He shrugged. " One young slave will not effect the operation of our business or lose us any real profits. Besides she's brand new and fresh off the boat, Bjorian terrorist target Cardassian Guls all the time. She was slipped in as an extra and it was his weakness. The investigator comes out and we tell them it was Bjorian terrorist and give him a few freebie services for coming out here. He'll have no real proof and go back home with a report that he died from stupidity. That and he's pissed off several people in the high command and has few friends there. If he had friends with influence, they wouldn't have stuck him here in the mid reaches of the empire instead of closer to home. Would that make you feel more comfortable my love? " C'Tora stroked his chin and grinned. " Of course we can't kill him until after he's paid for his services first. "

"Unfortunately we do not have the woman who you used to be bodyguard for... Cassandra. We had status when we were working for her. And we are still somewhat lower status. However we are making good money anyway, so... we must not kill the man otherwise we'll be having to make a run for it and I do not want that at all." M'Tara having a bit of a pout.

" He is safe for now, as long as he only touches what he's paid for then there will be no problem." His eyes narrowed and ears went back flat and there was a deep growl in his voice. " You are MY MATE! And if he ever lays a hand on you there I swear there will large amount of reptile steaks served at the nightly banquet. I will have it served with a butternut squash soup and corn bread. The steaks will be served with a side of yummic sauce and as much kanar or wine as they can handle." C'Tora started with an evil laugh. " Well if the investigators really want to strain for the evidence, they can always flush him after the investigation is done. "

M'Tara crinkled up her nose. "Eww that just doesn't sound that tasty. And the smell!" she shuddered. "Okay lets go check on our bounty list, we still have that to cover." rising up from the bed and going to get dressed. "I am looking forward to the hunt, especially this time not tracking down Voles. They are not much sport."

" I am looking forward to a decent hunt myself, true voles aren't a challenge but they can be tasty. But I'd like something a bit different and provided a challenge. I want something more then a vole or escaped slave that we hunt down. " He sighed and rubbed his eyes. " Fine let's go check the list and see if that new batch has been cleaned up and fitted with their collars, After that we'll see what type of clients we get tonight. "

M'Tara nodded, "I agree, having to do this is what I feel beneath our dignity." she grumbled. "I really wonder what happened to our former Employer. Whatever became of her." getting ready to start their breakfast.

" We haven't been able to contact her in a while now, So she is most likely dead. It would be dangerous to be less then discreet on an inquiry and may draw the wrong attention. I say we pay off one of the title claims clerks and have him quietly accept our claim and file it quietly. The holding would be ours and IF our previous owner does show up, we could say that we did it to protect her property, that at least is forgivable. "

"There is still that bounty on Michael Hawkins, that human has been rather slippery. Every time we get close to him, he slips away just out of our grasp. It amazes me, though he did say he was better as a friend than as an enemy. Which makes me wonder, would it be best for him to be a friend as he seems to have a knack of fixing things as well." M'Tara pondering aloud.

" I am rather dubious about having him as a friend. " Stated C'Tora as he gave his mate a sideward glance. " Yes he may more slippery then a slime devil or able to fix things like a benzonite, But he also has a talent for pissing off the wrong people. If we were to use his services, I would rather have him as an unseen friend then one who is openly acknowledged, that is not the type of attention we need my love. "

"You do have a point there dear. At this moment he is probably out and about getting into fights in an arena or into something else. He is a rather bit of a mystery to me." M'Tara replied. "And well you never know what sort of trouble follows him."

" So is there anything else that we need to discuss before we go out and check on our staff and make sure every thing is prepared and ready for our clients for another evening filled with gambling and carnal pleasures? " C'Tora stopped and sniffed the air. " I briefly caught the scent of something sweet, Did you bring anything new into our quarters today? " He asked her.

"No I did not and I haven't smelled anything sweet at this time. Couldn't you be imagining it?" M'Tara walking over to where C'Tora was standing, lifting her head into the air to see if she could detect the scent herself. There it was, just a faint sweet scent of a flower, "Lets see where that is coming from, could be a new bath soap that our, purchases are using as per our request. It's not nauseating to my nose."

" I think your right M'Tara, There is a floral scent to the smell. I swear sometimes this job is torment on my nose, That's why I have to clear it out on a daily basis with our oxygen bar. From the rancid smells of a shipment of new indentured servants to the pleasant scents of our more refined servants and dealers in the casino. Speaking of servants. " C'Tora Started. " We have recently had two of our high end escorts convince our clients that were under the effect of the Lotus Sticks to marry them. Rather bothersome really. "

I've have an idea that could gain us a good amount of gold pressed latnum. The more attractive males and females, could be put through a special training course on how to please a mate, to be the perfect companion. " He said with a toothy grin. " For special clients we'll just sell them outright for a sizable dowry fee of course. The others will be auctioned off to the highest bidder, Of course the beginning price will be the cost of the time and training invested into them. So what do you think? It would keep our wealthiest costumers happy and line our pockets even that much more. " He thought briefly and asked. " By the way, did we get that new shipment of lotus sticks in as of yet? "

"Yes we did, it is waiting for us along with the scented bath oils that have been requested for our merchandise. And the radiant silks that have been also ordered, need to make our pretties look more desirable." giving a purr and nuzzling up against her mate.

C'Tora enjoyed the nuzzling for several moments and then pulled back a little. " M"Tara my love, If you keep that up we're going to be late for our pre opening inspection tour. Not that I'd mind that so much, but the last itme we did that was the night that we had that blue skinned arrogant Andorian prick Belok! By the gods he was such a mega chad it was unbelievable. "

Giving a disappointed sigh M'tara ceased her nuzzling. "Fine, you have point but tonight we'll have another bit of passion." planting a kiss filled with promise upon him. She went to get dressed and went to get her weapons. "Time to get to work."

" That sounded like a promise to me, I'll hold you to it. " He continued to get dressed and concealed most of his weapons with the exception of his disruptor. He had just had an upgrade completed on his agonizer to use on unruly staff or guest should the situation arise. " So where shall we start first? Front of the house with rooming services? Back of the house with housekeeping and food services? Or the Casino, Spa and brothel services? We can check on the new incoming staff and training later on. So where would you like to begin my Love?"

"Best to check from the back to the front, just to make certain others are not trying to escape. And I do love the idea of special training to please a mate. Arranged marriages could turn a good profit." M'tara replied. "I am ready and food needs to be tested in the kitchen so we will mix business and eating together." a feline smile answering C'Tora.

" If they want to marry them, then that is up to the client. If they want multiple consorts, then that's even more of a profit margin for us." They walked into the kitchen together. " Is everything ready for this evening? " He asked the head chef. " It is indeed master. There are many items prepared and others to be prepared upon request, Would you and your Lady care to sample any of the dishes? I have even managed to get in some blue fin tuna from Earth. Would you care for some?"

C'Tora's whiskers quivered with excitement as he heard the mention of Tuna and fresh fish. " Come my love, It would be rude of us not to sample such things. We must assure the freshness of these items for our guest. Don't you agree? "

"Most definitely let us test the food. And I am ready to eat." M'Tara giving a smile.

Later on, after the sampling M'Tara remarked to C'Tora, "Okay time for the other business part. Shall we get going now and finish, I grow weary and bored. I want to do some hunting and get that despicable meeting done."

C'tora nodded at M'Tara. " Then I suggest we take care of the meeting first and then hunt to work out our frustrations afterwards. " He stood behind her and nuzzled her neck. " Then after that we shall play the good host for our clients and enlighten them on our new and upcoming companion or consort program in the near future and stir up some excitement prior to it's launch. Then after we see to everyone being fat and happy and spending their money, perhaps we could take a bit of a break ourselves. " He said with a purr, and then took a soft playful nip on her neck. " Mmm... That's yummy. "

M'Tara laughed, "Indeed it is yummy. Let's get our business taken care of love and we'll get back to our pleasure." giving C'Tora a return nuzzle. A look of promise and she led the way towards the meeting, and what may end up being a rather lucrative endeavor.

MU M'Tara Kuroka
NPC: Hawkins

MU C'Tora Kuroka


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