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Green goddess

Posted on 05 Jan 2023 @ 9:30pm by Civilian Iola Hawkins & Civilian Eddie Reynolds

Mission: Through the looking glass
Location: Medusas head
Timeline: MD4
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It was rumoured around the school kids that there was an incredibly beautiful Orion onboard.

Luckily Eddie knew this to be true. There was some perks of being the Captains son. He hadn't expected to come across her though.

Well he would be a legend if he actually talked to her ... so he finished his ice cream sundae and dared to approach.

"Hi you're Iola aren't you?"

Turning, Iola ran a slender hand through her violet hair and smiled at the young man. "I am," she answered with a sweet smile, "and you are?"

"Edward Reynolds at your service," he said a smile as wide as can be. She really was beautiful. "I believe you know my father."

"I believe I do, pleasure to meet you young Master Edward," she smiled. "Where are you headed to? Perhaps I could walk with you? I do not have any duties to attend to right now."

"Oh nowhere. I was just about to have ice cream. Do you like ice cream?" he asked.

"Oh yes, I definitely do," Iola said, her smile widening, "but mostly after dinner. So, do you get a lot of leeway, being the captain's son?"

“Not that I’m aware of,” Eddie said. “Should I? I mean I find I have to be on my best behaviour as if I’m not I could make dad look bad in front of his crew. Also i tend to have more eyes on me. I’ve already been got by the evil mirror XO. They can use me to get to dad. That’s not a good position right?”

"I don't know," Iola confessed, "but yes best behaviour is good. What did evil XO do? I have heard some stories from Michael. I know what position is like. I am close to my Don, people may want advantage of that. Don is like..father?" She frowned. "But is not father, he was my master. Now I am free." She smiled brightly at the teenager. "And I have name now too, from man I love."

“She took my friend hostage and was evil to well some more people,” Eddie stated. “You got married?” He did the math.

She beamed at him. "Yes, we did. In secret," she smiled, "all official though. I got my Don's approval before we did. Michael now one of few who have seen Don's face, not many have and ... lived. My Don prefers secrecy to keep us all safe." She looked at him. "Where is your friend? Is she alright?"

"She erm ... she left the ship. With her parents," Eddie said. His shoulders deflated and he looked sad. "I do miss Tia."

"Don't you write her?" Iola asked carefully, having no trouble seeing the sadness in the boy. "Surely, you have means to find her?" She smiled, reaching to put two fingers under the boy's chin and lift his face up. "You are the captain's son," she reminded him, "use that to your advantage."

"No it ... ermmm well yeah .... it sort of .... fizzled and I don't know where they got transferred," Eddie said blushing, "And well I can't abuse my position. I think they thought it safer this way. 1 - distance will dissolve that bizarre bond between us and 2 - Shes safe if the evil version of the XO ever pops up again if I do not know where she is."

"I can get the last part..." Iola nodded in understanding as she had heard the odd tale here and there. "But...did you love her? Like...truly? Like you never wanted to be parted again? If the answer is yes, then why not try to find her?"

"I'm 14. I'm not sure I'm old enough to know what love is yet," Eddie said honestly. "And I can't find her. It's like they put her under witness protection or something."

"Well... you don't know until you do, don't you? Doesn't true love happen only once?" She smiled as she touched his cheek, the ring on her finger catching the light. "I had never loved...until I came here. I think I found true love."

"I don't think thats the case for everyone. I mean Dad married mum and then he was in love with Tru and now hes in love with Har .... someone else," he corrected himself quickly knowing he probably wasn't supposed to be talking about that. "I mean Tia thought so. We had some weird bond thing kick off but if it was meant to be wouldn't she still be here?" he asked.

"I don't know." It was the only honest answer she could think of. "Perhaps you'll know in time? I don't know how bonds work. I'm not telepathic. But I know love, now. First time, and forever."

Eddie nodded. "Perhaps. Two more ice cream sundaes," he smiled at the assistant behind the bar. "So come on then tell me all about this wedding. Someone needs to know about it. How long you keeping it secret anyway?"

"It's not an intentional secret," Iola smiled, "it's something we did during leave. No big fuss, just us." She pulled out a small PADD from a pocket in her dress, and pushed it towards the boy. "We do have evidence," she added, her smile widening.

"Awww you look so happy," Eddie said pushing one of the ice cream sundaes towards her. "So no secret. I can mention this to dad?"

"It's no secret, in fact your dad probably already knows. We just kept this small and private, and I suppose it was a spontaneous act." She looked at the ice-cream which was pushed her way. "What flavours are your favourite? I really like this thing called blueberry..."

"Chocolate all the way," Eddie said firmly. "The more chocolate the better. Ice cream is decadent. It's not for fruit in my view."

"I never had any before coming here," the Orion woman confessed, "and I don't really like chocolate. But I do like blueberries, and uhm...." She searched for the word, her face changing as frustration flitted across it. "Red, sweet, seeds on the outside..."

"Strawberries," Eddie nodded. "If you like berries you should try betazoid Uttaberries. Your speaking is really coming on," he encouraged her.

"I try," Iola smiled, "yes I like fruit, mostly berries but not all. Michael was a lot of help in learning, and Aidan. He's a good friend, helped me get current position. Away from being slave. But Don is good too, treats slaves very well. Only thing not allowed is leaving without permission, but otherwise lots of freedom."

"What would happen with your marriage if you Don turns round and insists you return?" Eddie asked. It wasn't meant to be blunt. Just a child curious as to how it all fits in with life.

"He would not do that. I am free woman now and..." She paused, even though she did experience a surge of fear. Would he really recall her, after all he'd said and promised? She drew in a deep breath, hoping her confidence and trust were justified. "Don is like...parent? Raised me since I was small."

"Then your likely screwed. Sorry," Eddie said. "Parents always find a way to be in control."

"Not Don." But then what did she know? "How does your father control you? Do you not have freedom?"

"I'm a kid. I'm not allowed or trusted to think for myself until I'm 18. And even then, I'm a son of the 11th house. If my grandmother has her way, my destiny is on Betazed," he shrugged. "Probably for the best Tia disappeared."

"And what do you want?" Iola asked, clearly interested, "what will be your way?"

"Recon Im a bit to young for that too. I mean presently I like to focus on getting through school for the day and getting a treat at the end of it," Eddie said. "I honestly haven't worked out what I want to do."

"Neither have I. I don't want to be envoy forever..." The Orion woman looked thoughtful. "But I don't know what else to do. What do you like to do? You have school yes? What is favourite to do?"

"I like history. And learning about psychology actually," Eddie said. "You and Michael will probably start a family yes?"

"In time," Iola smiled, "So you want to be mind doctor? Like...uncle, yes? Father brother?"

"Uncle. Uncle Liam is one of the coolest people I know." he chuckled. "And a great counselor."

"A great example then," Iola smiled, "and big shoes to fill too." She stood. "I've taken up enough of your time, I need to head back home."

Eddie nodded. "Do come talk to me again though Iola. And try the uttaberries," he smiled watching her leave.


Eddie Reynolds
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