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Psyche review

Posted on 13 Jun 2019 @ 8:47pm by Lieutenant Commander True Keading & Captain Jonathan Reynolds

Mission: Shakedown
Location: Counsellors office
Timeline: MD5
1800 words - 3.6 OF Standard Post Measure


One thing Jon had firmly written in his brain having a brother who was a counselor, was make sure you go get cleared. He was informed the Counselor had landed yesterday while he had been fending off press all day. He pressed the chime to the counsellors office and waited.

This was True's third new beginning in a couple of years. She was starting to think her life was jinxed. But as a counselor she knew better. Things happened and people changed, it wasn't anyone's fault. She let out a heavy sigh as she allowed the memories to wash over her and then tucked them back in their little box in the back of her mind when she heard the door chime.

"Come in." She called, grateful for the distraction.

Jon entered his eyes seeking the blond woman's. He was picking up emotions of reminiscing. She was snapping back into professional mode but clearly her mind had been elsewhere a moment ago.

He nodded at her, his human half reminding him not comment on her emotional state. It was fine on Betazed but elsewhere people got …. well in a tizz was one way to describe it.

"Counselor Keading. Thought it best I be a leading light as they say and get this done. Then anyone who try's evade you, you can hit them with the big stick the Captains been a good boy," he chuckled. "Where do you want me?"

True blinked, not expecting the humor. "Oh, well I don't think that would be a good idea sir. It tends to spread around rumors and I'd hate to gain a reputation as people are generally already afraid of me when they come in. But you may sit wherever you're most comfortable. Would you like something to drink or eat?"

"Tea with milk please, Yorkshire if your replicators got the programme. If not I will have to send it you." he said settling on the couch. "And I'm not afraid of you. My twin brothers a counselor. And I'm half betazoid so "sharing" is not alien to me. The process of being more verbal I have had to get used to though. Its easier up here," he tapped his fore head, "and here," he touched his heart.

"Well that makes my job a lot easier." True breathed out. True ordered the tea and offered it to him. People were never afraid of True the person, not when they met her outside of their office. But she remembered the early days on Shanghai when she would meet someone and they would give her a look when they realized she was a counselor. "Did you want to share anything specific today?"

Jon sipped his tea. "Am I meant too? Okay …. theres something off with your tea," he said getting up and returning it to the replicator. "Computer transfer Reynolds replicator programme Brew 1 to this unit and replicate a mug."

He sipped it and smiled. "Ahh better …. okay shall I do the ugly first. One big swoop like a band aid?" he asked settling back into his seat.

True leaned back in her chair with a cup of tea cradled in both hands. "Usually people start by telling me a bit about themselves. They share a bit of their lives up to this point. But we can do it anyway you like." She frowned for only a brief second as if she'd forgotten something but shook off the feeling and gave him her full attention.

"Lets do it your way, when I talk about what I need your help with your gonna hate me. I was a lousy husband," he said honestly.

"But yeah a bit about me. I was brought up the first 12 years on Earth, then moved to Betazed just in time for coming into puberty and my gifts. I'm empathic, telepathic with some species. It can wig people out. I'm from an old family. One of the upper houses. Not many know that, so please keep that to yourself. I and my siblings in Starfleet have no mention of it in our files. We pride ourselves on being judged on our own merits and not having had doors opened due to family connections.

Siblings I have an almost identical twin. There's only a birth mark difference physically. Personality wise we are very different. A younger sister and a recently discovered half brother who is some what nuts but hes getting help. I box, like the outdoors, have a 12 year old son and a slightly younger daughter and if I get my way I'm gunning for Admiral in 10 years time."

True smiled. "Well isn't all that wrapped up in a neat little package. I was born on Betazed and raised on Earth. We moved when my parents died. I have two older brothers who are way too protective and was raised by an aunt. I have no ambitions to be anything other than what I am and where I am . . . . to be needed is all I want."

"I'm sorry to hear about your parents," he said softly sensing her grief. Grief never left you, just got easier to deal with as time went on. "And older brothers are meant to be protective," he grinned. "I'm always looking out for Hannah. Where on Betazed did you live?" he asked. If she had been there long enough then she might have an idea of the crazy social complexities of the "houses".

"Lake El'nar. I don't remember that much about it to be honest with you. I was five. We moved to Alaska on Earth after that. We were right on the ocean, I've always loved water and mountains."

Jon nodded. "I can understand that. I am partial to the outdoors myself. I like camping, rock climbing, hiking. We lived in Yorkshire England on Earth with my fathers family, then on Betazed we spent most of our time in our mothers families offical summer residence at Laguna bay. Mother shielded us from a lot of the bureaucratic stuff at the Capital for a long time. We were very lucky, Laguna bay is just stunning. I will have to show you some holopics some time if you like oceans?"

"So." he asked curiously. "Don't you have offical questions you need to ask me to get me passed for my annual psyche?" So far this didn't feel anything like a counselling session. It felt more like chatting with a new friend.

"Oh I think if Starfleet had any worries they wouldn't have given you a Galaxy class starship. This is just to satisfy the people who love paperwork. And . . . . to get to know you a little bit. Curiosity mostly. But I'm happy to report that so far I think you're only mildly insane Sir."

"Well that's good to know .... I think," he said. "What else would you like to know?"

True smiled. "How did you end up with a command? Was it something you always wanted? I considered command school briefly after the Yorktown's destruction but I did some soul searching and what I really love is helping people from right where I am."

"I've had a few lucky breaks, I was able to watch and learn from some decent people and I made an impression on an XO when I tried to help him with some personal issues. But, whereas my professional life has flourished my personal ... well I managed to make a pigs ear hash of that," he said honestly.

"But I always knew I wanted more than just son of the 11th house as my lot in life. Whereas it wasn't my initial goal, I just wanted to explore and go into the stars it grew to be my goal when I got promoted to XO and realised people saw something in and believed in me."

"Sounds like you've had a lot of great opportunities and supportive people. I suppose the next question is what do you expect from me?"

"Well offically to keep an eye on the mental health of the crew and myself. To aid in morale and organise crew activities. To provide your professional opinion on new cultures and people we meet. Help me navigate the nuainces of sed cultures," Jon reeled off what he knew were some of the offical duties of a counselor.

"Unoffically help me to stay honest. Speak up if Im leering from the north star," he said simply. "And personally I would like to ask your expertise in helping me towards a different relationship with my ex wife who is on board. I can't undo the past or wipe out the hurt caused but I want to work towards one with better communication - which in turn I believe will help us co-parent our son effectively and manage to co-exist on this boat less painfully."

"Well I can't make any promises but I will try to help with all of those things. It's my job but also my personal passion, has been since I was a teenager. And yes, honesty is the best policy as Humans say." True thought they could make this work, she liked him already. They'd already gotten right to the heart of things the first time they'd met. It didn't appear she would have to spend any time tracking him down and making him come to her office.

"Well in that case I thank you in advance," Jon said. "Okay so what now?"

"I see nothing in your file sir that causes me any concern so I'm pretty much done unless there was something you wanted to discuss today." True sat back in her chair, her blue eyes narrowed ever so slightly. "Just don't tell me where the bodies are buried," she joked. "I like plausible deniability in such cases."

"Don't worry Counselor the bodies were vaporised. Warp plasma hides a multitude of sins," Jon said keeping his face completely straight for a long moment before allowing his smile to climb back up his face slowly.

"Good to know. Well Captain, it was a pleasure to meet you. Andromeda feels like home already." She stood up and offered her hand to him.

Jon nodded. That was actually a nice thing to hear. He took the offered hand and shook it carefully. Actual touch amplified his empathetic abilities. Yes she meant it but she still had a ways to go to adapt properly and mean it. Hopefully he could help her there too. "A pleasure Counselor. I"ll book some official sessions when my schedule allows to delve into my other stuff. Don't be a stranger in the meantime ehh."


●●● Commander Jonathan Reynolds
Commanding Officer
USS Andromeda

●● Lieutenant True Keading
Chief Counselor
USS Andromeda


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