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Coming In Hot

Posted on 18 Jan 2023 @ 11:19pm by Captain Jonathan Reynolds & Lieutenant JG Ron Bumble & Lieutenant Commander Aidan Datari & Lieutenant C'Tora Kuroka & Lieutenant JG Harper Matthews & Lieutenant Cassandra Higgins-Stevens & Lieutenant JG Rosaline Belikov

Mission: Through the looking glass
Location: Bridge
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It had been 3 days and Jon had caught up on all his paperwork as far as he could without being able to contact Starfleet. He had undertaken his medical and booked a session in with his counselor as told too.

In truth he was starting to get a little bored. Not willing to move them least they encountered anyone from the Alliance, the resistance or any associates with J'Tan or even it seemed Mirror fox, they were just sat there waiting to hear back from their people.

And finally, it seemed they did.

Jon turned to look at Fox as the comms. flashed red and realised Fox was not there. He really did need to sort out a temporary XO.

"Reynolds to Datari. You are needed on the bridge," he ordered.

"All senior staff to the bridge," he ordered. "Including Commander Blackthorn," he added.

If Datari was determined not to step up and stay on part time hours, he had a full-fledged Commander who could step in. Why hadn't that occurred to him before?

"On my way," the Trill science chief and second officer responded without pause. With Saeri reaching the ripe young age of one soon, Aidan felt more at ease with leaving her in the ship's day care and he felt that soon he might be able to get to full duty hours again.

Harper was already on the bridge. She stood at her raised station, her hands holding on to the wooden frame of the outside of the console as she watched Jon for a moment. She could sense he was a bit lost without Commander Fox there, he'd always spoken of her quite fondly when they were together. She prayed for a recovery soon and for even a quiet couple of weeks when they got back home.

"Captain, I am picking up a transmission from Lt. Higgins." Harper reported.

"Higgins to Andromeda, come in Andromeda... We are coming in hot, taken some damage. Being pursued by Alliance forces". the incoming transmission was broken by static, but the Counselor's voice was unmistakable and the tension in her voice couldn't be missed.

Natasha arrived on the bridge just in time to hear the message from Lieutenant Higgens, "Okay I am here, where would you like me Captain." then her eyes went towards the space where Ron was at, feeling great deal of concern for him.

Michael arrived as well taking the engineering station, he gazed over towards the viewscreen, as he watched and listened. Michael who normally was filled with some brightness, didn't seem that way anymore.

Aidan wasn't far behind Hawkins, making straight for the XO seat rather than the science station. "Are they visible on sensors yet?" he queried as he sat down, not sure if this was where he should be. In the XO's absence he knew he probably was, but as chief of science wasn't his place at his station as well?

C'Tora's voice came over the com channel. "Andromeda Port warp nacelle offline, rerouting power to aft shielding. Requesting that you move to intercept, not sure how much more we can take as we are completely defensive at this time.

"Move the ship to intercept," Jon ordered and then several more rapidly followed. "Doctor we are on route."

"Commander take the 2nd officer chair," Jon said to Natasha. "Commander Datari you are presently the XO, get me Lieutenant Stevens and Nurse M'Tara on the bridge someone immediately. Lieutenant Hawkins get Engineering prepped ready to get them inside the ship immediately and medical make sure you are on standby.

Lieutenant Harper get devising a potential strategy once we intercede with Lieutenant Belikov who's had time to go through the intel. Use anything you know from it on AU ships,"

Natasha took her seat, and watched the proceedings mentally preparing herself.

The AU ships looked angry, if that was possible. Harper scanned them and with data provided began to come up with something she could use to disable the approaching vessels. A Galaxy class was no slouch, yes it was older than the newest types on the block but Harper loved the Galaxy and knew what she could take and give wholeheartedly back out.

The AU ships had some nasty weaponry. Weapons that were banned in the Andromeda's universe. It seemed that dominance was taken at any cost and it was acceptable to take it by any means necessary.

C'Tora's voice once again came over the Com Channel. Andromeda, How long before you intercept? Our tailfeathers are getting rather scorched right now. Our shields are down to twenty nine percent.

"Hang in there Doc. First we establish you are our people," Jon said firmly.

As the two people requested beamed aboard and he felt the ship speed up on route to their direction, Jon nodded to Oliver, fully prepared for this one "Your up. Ensure these are our people and this is not a trick from the MU ones."

"Cassie its Oliver. What's your pet name for me?" the transporter chief said. It was the only thing he could think of presently in the moment that only he and she would know.

"Ollie... darling! Is this really the time for subspace sex?" came the curt reply from Cassie even if their was a hint of mirth in her voice

Oliver flushed feeling everyone's eyes on him. "As much fun as that sounds ... your going to have to surrender it to convince the Captain you are who you say you are .... princess," he added what he tended to call her.

"Ollie..." she uttered in exacerbation. "My Prince Charming!"

M'Tara having been beamed directly to the bridge, perked her ears up as she heard what was going on, "Okay, C'Tora, where did we meet before we got married? And who is our mutual friend?"

C'Tora perked up as he heard M'Tara's voice and almost purred upon hearing her. " We met at Starbase 308 and I was climbing up a tree. And Commander Natasha Blackthorn is our friend, and we're still naming our first daughter after her. " Stated C'Tora with a certain amount of amusement in his voice.

Natasha's eyes widened at hearing the questions being asked, she gave a bit of a thought then a memory came to her mind and she smiled. The memory was of that picnic where Ron had shown her that rare moon blossom and with it blossoming, their relationship bloomed as well.

"Ron, what was the true beginning of our relationship?" Natasha having a bit of a blush in her cheeks, as this will be the first time their relationship will be publicly announced.

Jon's face was a picture first up as Oliver had asked what he had asked, and now surprise at learning Ron Bumble was in a relationship with Natasha. Good on them.

"When I showed you the moon roses," Ron's voice rang over the comm.

Jon exchanged a look with Natasha whose face confirmed they were all their people.

"How long till intercept?"

Lieutenant JG Allisara Glavien sat at helm and stared directly at the viewscreen. " Captain, at warp seven I can have us there in ninety seconds, after that it's up to tactical to bring our people home. " She said with confidence in her voice.

"I'll have us ready to before we get there, Captain. If we can somehow get in between the pursuing ships and our craft then we can open a shield section, tractor them inside whilst we take care of the incoming ships." Harper replied echoing the confidence of the Lieutenant at Helm.

Jon listened to his security chief advise on what they already knew about the pursuers. "Shields up. Get the pursuers off them and them tractored in as quickly as possible."

Allisara smiled as she heard the order. " Aye Sir! I'll place us directly between the pursuers and our shuttle. If they persist in their actions, then they will learn that the Andromeda has some very sharp fangs. "

"Sir I'm sending files," Ron Bumble added. "Commander Datari will know what to do with them, we were so close with our hypothesis. And the bulk of what we were lacking is in there. I have someone with me who will help us get it up and running as soon as we get on board. Captain we need to head to the following transmitted coordinates to get home,"

Jon didn't need to know anything more than that to trust his people. "Whatever you need Commander," he nodded to Datari. "Thank you Lieutenant Bumble."

Aidan glanced over the incoming data, his expression changing from worried to a level of excitement. "Its our way home sir," he acknowledged, "everything we didn't know... everything we would've had to guess at, it's all here."

Sitting at one of the Auxiliary stations, Rose was putting some of her lesser used skills to use. Using a low level communication frequency, she was attempting to conduct a little cyber warfare by penetrating the computer of at least one of these enemy ships. Hopefully once she was in, she could shut down a few systems or maybe even download their database.

Natasha could only watch for the time being, feeling herself tense up, her loved one was out there being chased by enemy ships. Ron make it back to me safely my love

Michael sent some scans to Rose then he rose from the engineering console to get to the shuttle bay he sat back down and sent a message for Ensign Riley Ames to ready the welcome of the shuttle that was heading their way.

Jon settled back into his seat, "Warp 7 Lieutenant Glavien. Lets retrieve our people."

True to Glavien's word they were exiting warp almost as soon as they entered it. Harper had requested a drop in the middle of the shuttle and pursuing ships but the space was too small for such a large ship so they dropped in front of the shuttle and began to move at impulse towards them.

"Initiating shields around the shuttle and targeting lead enemy vessel." Harper spoke confidently. "Phasers firing, torpedoes away."

Allisara hit the com button. " Bridge to shuttle bay. Lock tractor beam onto the shuttle and get them in ASAP!! "

"Get them up to the bridge immediately. We need to shake these pursuers and they might have intel," Jon said.

"Lieutenant Mathews/ Lieutenant Belikov what's you plan here?" he asked.

"Lieutenant Hawkins do everything possible to keep those shields holding. We are not going out in a alternative universe," Jon said.

Harper looked at Jon as if what she was doing was not explanation enough. However... "If I can clip the port side engine of the lead vessel at the speed it is going it should hopefully collide with its supporting craft. This will leave the starboard vessel which will be easier to disable, or destroy, on its own."

"Try to disable and establish a communication link. I would like to know who they are if possible," Jon ordered.

"Channel is open, Captain." Harper replied simply as she continued to coordinate her attack.

"This is Captain Jonathan Reynolds. Cease pursuing my people or we will be forced to open fire on you. As you can see you are vastly overpowered."

The screen flickered to life and familiar eyes looked back at Reynolds, a sneer forming on her lips as she realized who was her prey.

"Jonathon Reynolds... Calling yourself Captain now are we. No silly costume and actually bathing yourself are going to protect you from the Emperors wrath!" Overseer Ileyana Haistro announced without any form of a greeting.

"You let me worry about my brothers wrath and quit thinking about me having a bath," he said realising he was going to have to pretend to be this universes version of him. "Shouldn't you be protecting your precious Sempok Nor? Look how easily we infiltrated you."

He cut the sound while the psychopath thought up a snappy retort back.

"Disable them and we will leave them sitting ducks. Meanwhile get the away team up here," Jon said before re-establishing the audio.

"I'm only here to make sure that Intendant you snatched is dead... I have another thirty ships on the way. Killing you only solidifies my position with the emperor!" the line closed abruptly before the lead ship unleashed everything it had on the Andromeda.

"Bit overkill for someone who claims to be so skilled," Jon commented. "Solidifying your position with the emperor. Your on his watch list. He told me. Your really think I would be out here with this fine star ship if I wasn't really on my brothers side. You have never seen anything like this. And I have to get it to him, so call off your dogs if your smart."

Jon found he was getting into improvising ....

"It was so easy to make it look like we were at odds all these years to test everyone's loyalty. I have the measure of you and the intendant I will deal with. Go back to Sempok Nor and rule it like you wanted. She's no threat to you anymore."

Jon zipped the audio again as the away team finally arrived.

Turning his back on the other woman he nodded. "Mr Bumble and ermmm Mr Bumble. With Commander Datari. Get us our way out of here and home.

Natasha had a chill go up and down her spine seeing and hearing all of this. She felt that this crazy loon that was speaking to the Captain was staring at her. What was this about? She shivered, feeling a coldness rush over her.

Cassie was first on the bridge from the turbolift, tugging at the coat to try and maintain a modicum of her modesty given the lack of costume she was wearing. She crossed the short distance between the turboilift and the command area in just a few strides, C'Tora and the other directly behind.

She was still in shock given the fight and then the small fleet of pursuers that had taken wing after them, she was after all a medical professional and not a combat specialist. She had to admit, C'Tora had saved their skins as the pilot. Now, she just stayed silent, standing by the Captain while he took in the sights of Intendant Natasha Blackthorn and a pair of Bumbles.

Jon had unzipped the audio again.

"Good to have you both back," Jon said loudly to the doc and his counselor. "My brother will look forward to seeing his favourite again, And you," he indicated C'Tora, "I will be recommending honours.

Are you still here?" he demanded at the AU Illeyana.

C'Tora bowed his head. " Your words do me honor sire. I live only to serve the Emperor and protect his cherished lady. " Said C'Tora humbly.

Natasha decided to drop to her knees in front of Jon, her head bowed low, just going with a gut feeling she should be doing so, following C'Tora's actions. Okay I think that I am supposed be at the mercy of Captain Reynolds. hoping that her thoughts were being picked up.

Cassie took a deep breath, steadying herself at the idea of what she had to do next which would be exposing herself to the bridge crew. She dropped the coat on the Captains chair and moved around him, still wearing nothing more than the myriad strap like garb which left nothing to the imagination, she draping her arm through his crossed arms.
"Look how the blood hound bares its teeth!"

Ileyana was furious and fearful in equal measure.
"I will kill you... All of you. Mark my words and I will saviour the kill, you will be made to suffer immeasur................

"Sorry Captain" Cassie looked up at him playfully having indicated to Harper to cut the line. "She would do nothing but bleat on about killing us before running away. Apparently your brother here is beyond powerful!"

Jon nodded. "I'm aware. Unfortunately its not the only universe either." It was beginning to horrify him that his sweet and kind twin brother ended up evil personified in multiple universes.

Aidan beckoned the pair of Bumbles, not entirely sure who was which and led them to his workstation. "We'd better get to it, the sooner we get this done, the sooner we can all go home."

With the viewscreen off, C'Tora looked around the Bridge. It is good to be back home aboard the Andromeda once again, However if there are no objections Captain I'd like to get into my proper uniform again." He glanced towards Cassie. " I imagine that there are others that would also like to do such as well. "

Cassie instinctively pulled the open coat around herself again, her cheeks starting to burn crimson as she remembered what she was lacking in garmets.

Jon nodded. "That's the spirit Illeyana but not today," he re-established the comm link. Nodding at Harper he watched as she fired and disabled the ship, his play for time coming to an end.

"I may just recommend you for a marriage, Our liege was asking me for ideas who to honour," he added. Knowing the whole court thing and political alliances always seemed to be big whenever he heard his twin was the emperor. "Until next we meet," he smiled and cut the comm. for good.

"Right get us out of here and to the nearest ...." he looked at his XO and the Bumbles, "Gate?"

The Trill nodded, beckoning the pair over to come and assist.

Natasha rose to her feet and found another seat to occupy, breathing a sigh of relief of that being over. And it sounded like they were going to be going home.

Commander Natasha Blackthorn
Diplomatic Officer
USS Andromeda

Lieutenant C'Tora Kuroka
Chief Medical Officer
USS Andromeda

Lieutenant Cassandra Higgins
Ships Counsellor
USS Andromeda

Captain Jonathan Reynolds
CO, USS Andromeda

LtC Aidan Datari
Chief Science Officer

Lieutenant JG Harper Matthews
Chief Security/Tactical Officer
USS Andromeda


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